What is app clips

What is app clips? This question comes to the mind of entrepreneurs when they think of targeting iOS users for their apps.  

Since the introduction of the Apple clips from iOS 14, the app entrepreneurs have seen better results in getting more app users and expanding their business. 

Moreover, the app users also get a better experience while using Apple clips. So, what is app clips, and how do you use them to get more iOS users on your platform? 

What are app clips?

Apple clips are shortcuts for a specific task that comes as pop-up cards from the bottom of the iPhone screen. Users can do the app task even without opening the app if the app is not available on the iPhone.

After users finish the task through the app clip, the developer can offer users to install their app straight from the Apple clips. The users can perform different tasks such as scanning QR codes, visiting specific app screens of the apps, paying for services, user login, etc. 

Understanding the working of app clips will help you choose the best option for promoting your app through iOS clips. 

How do app clips work?

How app clip works?

App clip offers two basic functionalities for app users:

1. Using part of an app

Using app part

The app allows users to access the essential feature through the app clip. The app clip helps users perform quick tasks without opening the apps, such as renting a bike by tapping on the app clip. 

Also, the app clips provide a quick way for users to reach the essential page of the app, like accessing the menu of the restaurants and accessing services/items of different business-like, grocery, salons, etc. 

If users want to use an overall app for a specific task, the iOS clips provide quick app launching options on the right side of the app’s part feature.

2. Offering quick app downloads

Quick download offering

The Apple clips also include links to the app store for downloading apps at the moment whenever users access the app services without downloading the app through app clips. 

There comes a suggestion to download that app in the app clip. The recommendation to download the app can be made by providing an app link to the app store for that specific app.

The downloading option came below the app’s part feature for letting users download the app for accessing services of the business-like grocery shopping app, restaurant apps for food delivery, etc.  

It is easy for app developers to understand how iOS clips get triggered. 

How do app clips get triggered?

Triggering of app clips

The working of the app clip comes into a few parts:

1. Invocation URL

The URL navigates app users to an app store to download the app using specific services such as cab booking, ordering meals, etc. The URL comes in different forms such as NFC tags, Safari browser (through app banner), Maps, etc. 

2. App clip card 

After clicking the URL, the app clip card pops up on the screen. The app clip card is a quick view covering less than half of the screen, showing a quick option for accessing app services. 

Users can access quick services or visit the app clip through the app clip card. If the app is not available on the user’s devices, the app clip card provides an app store link to download the app. 

3. App clip

App clip is a part of the app where developers can choose to showcase an essential activity screen. For example, the coffee shop owner can choose to showcase the menu of different beverages available in their shop. 

Many entrepreneurs are concerned about users’ privacy whenever they think of iOS clips for their apps, but Apple has taken better care of it. 

How does the app clip ensure the privacy of Apple users?

Apple always cares about the privacy of its users. Then how can Apple compromise data security and privacy through app clips? The app clip comes with many features that ensure the protection of the users’ privacy. 

The user can receive app clip notifications that are active by default. But users can also turn off the app clip notifications from the settings. Also, users can turn off the location verification services from the iPhone settings. 

Moreover, the app clip data is removed after ten days of its usage. The app clip can also request permission to use Bluetooth, Microphone, and Camera. 

Development guidelines for making better app clip

Following proper development guidelines will help you provide the best app experience through your app clip. 

You can make the app clip better by giving the app’s exclusive services on the app clip, such as offering Apple Pay, allowing users to log in to your App through App ID, etc. 

Apple-exclusive services work fast and provide more integrated features. You can try to offer more of Apple’s exclusive benefits, such as iMessage, Maps, Siri browser, etc. 

You can check how iOS users can discover your app in an additional way after deciding to use iOS clips for your business. 

How do users discover your apps through app clips?

Here are the different ways through which users can discover your apps with the help of ios clips.

Ways app clips helps users to discover your apps

1. App clip codes

The app clip codes are a combination of URL and NFC tag. The app clip codes enable the code to be tapped and scanned by the iphone camera. Many restaurants and other businesses use app clip codes to let users download their apps and access services through the app. 

2. NFC Tags

Apple clips allow users to discover your apps through NFC tags. NFC tags help users to perform tasks even through the lock screen. You can keep NFC tags at your business places, such as restaurants, and grocery stores, where users can access them by getting a quick link for downloading your app. 

3. QR codes

Placing QR codes is an alternative to NFC tags to let users discover your app by scanning QR codes. You can place a QR code in a specific location, so users can watch and download your app. 

4. Safari app browser

You can use intelligent app banner features to convert your website, and visitors, into app users through smart app banners. The app banner provides a link to quickly download the app from the app store.

5. Links in messages

You can include an app sharing feature inside your app clip so users can share your app with their friends or anyone via iMessage. The message receiver can click the link to download your app through the app store. 

6. Cards in maps

You can link your app clip to a particular location on the map. The user can discover your app in specific areas relevant to your business. 

7. New app library

The app library enables users to access recent app clips that pop-ups to the screen of the app users. If they miss your Apple clips, they can get back to it by accessing them in the new app library.

The app clips provide a different way to get new customers on the app. Let’s understand how you can attract new customers to your app through your app clip. 

How can app clips help your business?

App clips are triggered in different places and situations, as discussed above. You can use those ways to promote your app. 

If you are running a restaurant or any other business, you can include an app banner on your website, by which users can get your app download link through the safari browser. Also, you can provide NFC tags on your restaurant’s tables to allow users to download your app or access the menu and order something from your app clip. 

For the users who have already downloaded the app, you can offer them quick services through your app clip. You can allow them to sign up with Apple ID  and purchase with Apple Pay to provide them with fast access to services or buy something from your shop.

How do different industries use app clips for their advantages?

The example of different industries will give you an idea about how to use Apple clips in your business to provide the best app experience for iOS users.

1. Financial Services

Apple cards provide iOS clips to users, giving them quick access to pay for the services through Apple pay. Many financial services such as banking & insurance companies use app clips to provide users quick access to the essential benefits of their business. 

2. Media Companies

Entertainment and media companies can use iOS clips to provide services like buying tickets, loyalty programs, etc.

3. Food chains

Restaurants can choose different ways of triggering app clip cards through URLs. The restaurant owner can offer links to their App through NFC tags, QR codes, and other online ways.

The app clips will help the business owners get more app downloads and orders, as Apple clips can provide a quick way to access menus available in restaurants. 

4. Bike renting services

If you are planning to run an e-scooter business, then adding an app clip to your iOS app can give excellent results for your business.

You can add scanning codes on your e-bikes and allow users to scan them and pay directly through the app clip card.

Now you can check the best examples of iOS apps using application clips for their business. 

Best app examples using app clips in their business? 

These app examples can give a better idea about using app clips to attract more app users and make more profits in your business. 

1. Etsy

Etsy app clip

The brand is an American e-commerce company offering handmade items and craft supplies. Etsy includes many categories such as bags, clothing, home decor, furniture, etc. 

Etsy uses app clips to make its brand more discoverable. Users get App recommendations through the app banner whenever they visit the website of Etsy. Also, there are many other ways Etsy gets more app downloads through apple clips, like when someone shares Etsy products with other users through iMessage. 

2. Park Whiz

Parkwhiz app clip

Park whiz allows users to book parking spaces before reaching a specific destination. The users can search locations on maps and park their vehicles with their mobile pass provided by ParkWhiz. 

ParkWhiz provides a quick-paying option through Apple Pay to let users quickly pay for using parking spaces, giving an overall best app experience for the users. 

3. Panera Bread

Panera bread app clip

Panera bread, an American food-chain restaurant, provides many bakery-related dishes to their customers. The brand uses app clips to showcase their food items and recommend their app to new customers who don’t install the app. 

Also, the brand allows users to quickly pay by using Apple Pay on the counters of Panera Bread through an app clip. 

4. Spin

Spin app clip

Spin provides bikes for rent for their app users in significant parts of the big cities. Spin has attached the QR codes on their e-bikes to let users unlock bikes by paying quickly through Apple Pay that pops up on the app clip card when users do QR code scanning on e-bikes.  

Looking for expanding your business by adding app clips?

App clips have become profitable for many businesses as users can quickly access app services through app clips. Moreover, even the users who haven’t installed your app can access the benefits of your business and get app download recommendations after using the services. 

So it makes sense to include apple clips in iOS app development to get an additional way of attracting more customers to your app. You can call Idea Usher to help you add app clips to your iOS apps.

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Frequently asked questions

Check the questions most asked by entrepreneurs and developers who want to make apple clips. 

1. How can users access app clips?

The users can access app clips in the following ways:

  • App clip codes
  • NFC tags
  • QR code 
  • Safari app browser
  • Links in messages
  • Place cards on maps
  • Recently used apple clips

2. What are things I can offer on app clips?

You can offer to pay quickly through Apple pay or showcase your business products and services through an app clip. 

Also, you can allow your app users to sign up quickly with Apple ID. 

Using Apple ID will help you get more signups as no one would spend so much time in a lengthy registration process.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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