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Mobile Asset Tracking Software: A Solution for Asset Management

Asset tracking has been a significant problem for many businesses around the world. Improper tracking has always resulted in inappropriate schedules, loss of assets, stock-out and excessive stock. A mobile asset tracking software comes in handy to manage assets and helps to achieve higher Return on Assets (ROA). Spreadsheets have always been a traditional asset

Top Liquor Delivery Apps - Idea Usher
Top 6 Liquor Delivery Apps That Could Make Liquor Stores Obsolete

Covid-19 had a tremendous impact on our lives, and we were forced to stay inside our houses during the lockdown. Now, we have become habitual to remain inside our homes even after the lockdown has been lifted. Many of us still procrastinate going outside to buy daily needed goods, groceries, or any other item.  Though,

Stoner Cats Idea Usher
Stoner Cats NFT: high on $8 million sales

Non Fungible Tokens are not just a trend now; they have become something more valuable. The NFT market has surged to $2.5bn this year. Moreover, every day thousands of people launch their NFTs and try to seek some profit. Some end up being worthless, while some earn millions in sales. NFTs started from random digital

Language Learning Duolingo
How to Build a Language Learning App like Duolingo?

We live in a multilingual world, where increased globalization demands you to know a second language, which eventually gives you an advantage over others. Learning another language is becoming a usual activity amongst the youngsters and business professionals. It’s because they want to lift the language barriers and integrate with the people globally.  Moreover, companies

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