Check out our live demo of how easy it is to transfer NFTs from one blockchain to another using Esaiyo.

As you may know, the volume of NFT trade has increased significantly in recent years, reaching an impressive $24.9 billion in 2021. The rise in the number of transactions has led to the development of multiple NFT applications.

Esaiyo is a robust and unique cross-chain NFT bridge that allows users to transfer NFTs from one EVM-based chain to another. The key feature of this multi-chain NFT platform is its ability to keep the provenance and metadata of a particular token intact even if it is burned on that blockchain.

Alcohol Delivery App

According to reports by a New York-based survey firm, Nielsen, alcohol is the fastest-growing e-commerce department among consumer-packaged goods. When the pandemic came raging, the offline beverage market took a hit. In the US alone, alcohol consumption was down by 14% in April 2020, according to Accenture’s COVID-19 consumer research. In the meantime, online liquor sales skyrocketed, up an astounding 339%. 

In this video, the expert at Idea Usher is taking you through a live demo of our latest application development: Boozin, an alcohol delivery app.

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