The introduction of applications has changed the way of traditional businesses and opened the door to tremendous success. There have been several applications before for food and grocery deliveries, but today with slight innovation and critical thinking, we now have Boozin.

Boozin is an alcohol delivery app that tracks all the transactional and supply-purchase data in one place. Delivery businesses maintain tie-ups with vendors, customers, and delivery partners, and Boozin keeps all the information for admin.

App Screens

Our team of experts designed our alcohol delivery app with the user in mind, from the first screen all the way through to checkout. With a simple swipe or click on any page, the users can find exactly what they are looking for.

The experts have designed our apps with the user in mind—they have thought about how they’ll interact with it, what they’ll need from it, and how they can make ordering from the app as easy and efficient as possible.

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Features of an Alcohol Delivery Application

Home Screen:

The home page includes a Menu at the left of the page. It is placed consistently on all the pages of a Boozin alcohol delivery app. 


Menu includes four different features: Dashboard, which tracks the data of booking & earning; pending verification; partners & customers; total shops & sales. Top Sales, that inform the admin about sold product information. The Earning section, where the admin can access detailed insight about the total earnings in graphs through applying date filters, and the Booking section features the summary of bookings done through the application.


Dashboard allows the admin to keep track of current booking & earnings; pending verification; the number of customers; verified partners; total booking & earnings; total shops & sales.

Top Sales:

Top Sales shares the information regarding the sold products. In this section, the admin has the excess to get informed about the product ID, name, and earnings generated from that particular product.


Earning gives the admin detailed insights into the profit and loss through graphs. This section has a date filter that enables the admin to access information of a particular duration.


Booking shares summary as well as detailed data of the functionalities like booking ID, code and type, shop name, customer name, delivery charges for customer and delivery partner, assigned delivery partner, scheduled delivery date and time, and order status. Under the ‘action’ section, the admin can get the coupon information, product details, and fare breakup.

On-demand and Commercial Vehicle

On-demand vehicles include the data of the normal demands, while the Commercial vehicle represents distributor demand. This section provides detailed information about the driver, vehicle, documents, and applicable charges. This module allows the Admin to approve or reject the driver based on his performance at any period.

How does the Application work?

Bozin app takes orders from customers and processes the same with the tied-up shops, verified partners, and delivery partners. This application stores detailed information from placing an order to its delivery in the database. Admin can access all possible information needed and can choose to update them.

Why developing an on-demand alcohol delivery application is beneficial for your business?

  • Desired Gross Margin

Since delivering alcohol requires less work than cooking, businesses that deliver alcohol typically have higher profit margins. 

Offering a customer’s preferred alcoholic beverage via an online alcohol delivery app will likely grow your customer base and meet their high expectations.

  • Expanded Consumer Base

Online alcohol delivery can be made to other states and international locations in addition to your local company area. 

Regular clients are something that liquor firms can draw in, and these consumers can give your company a steady flow of cash. 

  • Improved Inventory Control

The online application can help you monitor consumer goods deliveries so that you don’t overspend on inventory and maintain control over your order and supply list.

Using alcohol delivery apps, you may entice customers to purchase your goods simultaneously.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

It’s time to put your business online and expand your customer base to attain a higher profit margin and control the flow of materials in your business. All you need to do is build your alcohol delivery application under your budget and sell your product across the region.

Idea Usher with an in-house skilled developer team, has been known to meet client’s requirements in the shortest time possible. Our experts guarantee better comprehension and concept implementation within your budget.

Make a consultation appointment immediately for high-quality applications that will meet your needs!

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