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In the past, there was a lot of speculation regarding the future of NFT tokens. However, as we have seen over the past few months, the market has been doing quite well.

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are taking advantage of this model by introducing new means for people to invest in many different types of intangible assets like stocks, bonds, etc., without actually owning them physically (i.e., clearing them through fiat money).

NFTs act as digital representations of these intangible assets which are designed specifically with decentralization in mind. Instead of using real-world currencies like dollars or euros, users can send cryptocurrency tokens that represent shares or bonds representing these tangible asset-backed tokens instead of actual shares or bonds themselves. This allows people who do not have access to existing counterparties who would otherwise sell them.

How to Invest in NFT Tokens?

Investing in NFTs means you are investing in a company. You want to make sure you and your money are protected and that the company is being held accountable. The best way to do that is by investing through a security token exchange, known as an STO.

The first thing you should do before investing is to read the company whitepaper. If they’ve included information about how their NFT will be used within their platform or app, there should be an explanation of how the utility token works. If there isn’t, ask questions to find out if there’s a plan for future use of their token.

The second item you should investigate is if the company has a business model and business plan. This will give you an idea of what the company plans on doing with its tokens post-ICO. If they have no real plan or intentions for using their tokens, it’s probably not worth investing at all.

Once you’re satisfied that this is a legitimate project, then do your due diligence on the team members and advisors who are involved with the project. Are they well known within blockchain or technology circles? Do their previous projects or businesses have any kind of reputation?

Difference Between NFT and Bitcoin

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a type of digital asset in which each unit is unique or distinct from one another. Each token has its own special features, properties, and attributes. The tokens are designed to be held by the owner for future use in various applications, just like Bitcoin.

The major difference between NFT and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is fungible while NFT is non-fungible. While Bitcoin is interchangeable, every NFT is unique.

NFTs have a broader meaning than just non-fungible tokens. NFT or Non Fungible Tokens are a new type of digital asset that is the extension of ERC-721 tokens. These assets can be stored in a blockchain and can be stored in a wallet similar to that of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins are used for making payments from one person to another in a decentralized system using blockchain technology. These blockchains are used for creating various decentralized applications(dApps) on peer-to-peer networks. These dApps require a decentralized database that cannot be controlled by a single entity and thus, a decentralized database is created using blockchain technology. The blockchain records all the transactions carried out in the cryptocurrency system in terms of blocks.

In order to develop these kinds of applications, there has to be some way that keeps records regarding the ownership of any particular asset or resource on the network. In order to achieve this, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) were created under the ERC 721 standard using the ethereum blockchain

Present and Future Uses of NFT in Different Areas

Here are some of the popular uses of NFT in different areas;

1. Gaming

In most gaming applications, NFT tokens are used for in-app purchases. These games will be a turning point for many NFT enthusiasts who want to play games and earn so much cryptocurrency out of them.

The most mature and popular blockchain game, CryptoKitties, is a great example of how NFTs can be used in gaming. As mentioned previously, the rarer the item is (specifically CryptoKitty) the more expensive it becomes. An NFT that is hard to come by or is on a platform that has limited supply will always increase in value over time because of the rarity of the item itself. The reason for this increase in value is because it’s no longer an equal playing field for anyone who wants to own the item.

As the blockchain world is still very young, we can expect a lot of changes in the future. This includes changes to how things are done today. It’s safe to say that the NFT space will continue to grow and possibly even change gaming as we know it. And who knows? Maybe your investment will be worth a ton of money in a few years!

2. Real Estate

Real estate is the asset class with the highest amount of money in it. There are many ways in which NFTs can be used in real estate. Firstly, it can be used to make real estate ownership transparent.

For example, you can put the ownership of the land or property on a blockchain and allow people to view it. The buyers and sellers of land and properties will also benefit from NFTs because they will not have to pay high fees for transactional and administrative costs.

Another way in which NFTs can be used is in the management of the real estate industry. For instance, smart contracts can be used to manage tenancy issues such as rent collection and the return of deposits by tenants at the end of their tenancy period.

NFTs can also be used in order to create a new form of crowdfunding that will help investors get returns on their investment in real estate projects such as building houses and rental apartments.

Having that said, NFTs will play an important role in the real estate industry. The blockchain gives us an opportunity to connect people who are looking to buy or sell property with each other, without having to go through a third party or middleman. This can significantly lower transaction costs and save us time, while still ensuring trust.

3. Music

The relationship between artists and their fans is one of the most important in the music industry. The growth of online music streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube has made it easier than ever for fans to listen to music they love, for free.

Because of this, musicians have been struggling to find ways to monetize their content and sustain their artistry. Enter blockchain technology.

Artists who issue NFT tokens are able to create new streams of revenue by selling limited-edition merchandise that is only available through the artist’s token—fans are incentivized to purchase these tokens because they hold real value.

The result is a mutually beneficial relationship between artist and fan—the artist can create more new art and continue sustaining their craft without having to rely on record labels or other third parties to support them. Thus, NFT is a great way for the music industry to earn the direct reward they deserve instead of middlemen eating up their parts.

4. Hyperrealistic VR

In this futuristic blockchain-powered world, a person’s entire collection of NFTs would be able to travel with them through Hyperrealistic VR environments. These digital assets would be viewable by anyone who wanted to see them and could be used as part of an immersive gameplay experience.

One day, we might even see digital NFTs that can be used as physical objects as well as virtual goods. Imagine combining your favorite sports team’s jersey with a collectible card game; you could wear your favorite sports team’s jersey and use it to play a game of cards with your friends! Not only does this create an interactive and immersive experience but it also adds value to the physical item (the jersey) and increases its longevity and usability.

The NFT market will be the most important innovation in the world of AR and VR. Users will sell and buy virtual items, such as weapons or tools for their avatar. In a virtual world, an NFT could represent an object that you can pick up and carry around with you — maybe even sell for real money at some point in the future.

5. DeFi

The idea of decentralized financial applications (DeFi) is relatively new. It means that you can use DeFi applications to deposit, lend, borrow, trade, and more with cryptocurrency (and potentially fiat). A common misconception about DeFi is that it’s “decentralized banking.” It’s not; it’s closer to lending services like Lending Club or Prosper.

Composite NFTs. The main use for an NFT in DeFi is the ability to create composite NFTs (C-NFT). Composite NFTs are like fractional ownership. You own a share of an NFT in some kind of pooled ownership structure.

The benefit of this model is that it allows for smaller groups of people to own physical assets together in a way that is more secure than previously possible with centralized models. For example, it’s much harder to steal $100 worth of real estate than $100 worth of cash or Bitcoin.

Top 5 Best NFT Tokens Worldwide

Here are the 5 best NFT tokens;



  • The solution to the last mile problem, according to Theta, is a hybrid system in which the last mile serves as a “caching node,” providing content to viewers based on their position.
  • Initial coin offering that is very centralised and secret.


  • Users are paid for sharing and sharing storage and bandwidth on their networks. As a result, for everyone who uses and participates in the web, it becomes a better place.
  • Liquidity is at an all-time low.



  • The Enjin platform allows you to create and integrate next-generation non-fungible tokens into your apps, games, and websites.
  • Enjin has a wallet that allows for dual encryption and is designed for smooth crypto and NFT trading. Wallet is used by millions of people for free.


  • Because Enjin’s crypto wallet isn’t open-source, it hasn’t been extensively scrutinised.
  • The Enjin currency has no tangible properties, profits, or commodities to back it up.



  • Chiliz is a fan engagement tool that allows you to donate money to your favourite team while also having a voice in how certain choices and aspects of the game are handled. 
  • Our website delivers a better user experience, such as identifying your PC, regardless of how long your account has been dormant.


  • Socios is built on two blockchains: a permissioned sidechain and Ethereum’s core blockchain. Investors have expressed worries about centralization since the permissioned sidechain is a private rather than public chain.



  • Virtual business and real estate can be bought and sold!
  • Ranks 3rd in the list of top NFT tokens in terms of market valuation.


  • Launched recently and has ample scope for improvement.
  • Not exactly following the NFT concept.



  • 3D animated games
  • Play Cryptokitties freely on Flow


  • Overflow of users leads to long wait times.
  • Much difficulty is faced in scaling.

The Ultimate Reality of NFT: How Can It Benefit Me?

It’s a good question and one that we will answer to the best of our ability today.

As a trader:

We will give you an overview of what NFT is, how it works and what it means for you as a trader.

The simplest definition of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, is that they are unique blockchain-based items. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are fungible because they can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges, NFTs are unique because each one is different from the next.

There are many reasons why NFT tokens are advantageous over traditional cryptocurrencies. The most important reason is their intrinsic value. NFTs are unique items that have real-world use cases. They are not just digital assets that can be traded on exchanges with no physical backing. These unique functions of NFTs can benefit both the users and the merchants. For example, the artwork is secured by blockchain which means no one can steal or copy it, unlike ordinary digital images. It also means that you cannot make any copies of the artwork.

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As the marketplace owner:

Although anyone can create an NFT, the platform is initially focused on collectibles. So what’s in it for the owners of these sites?

NFTs enable new business models that weren’t previously possible. They allow artists to sell digital goods without having to worry about hosting costs, failed payment processors, and so on. They enable game developers to sell virtual goods inside their games. They can even enable bloggers to sell digital subscriptions without having to worry about credit card processors or chargebacks.

The owner of a marketplace can benefit directly from selling NFTs because they take a small transaction fee (often between 0.5% and 3%) every time an item is sold. The more successful the marketplace, the more valuable its NFT becomes. This provides an incentive for marketplace owners to grow their communities by providing the best possible experience for buyers and sellers alike.


Here are some of the top frequently asked questions NFT tokens;

1.What are the most valuable NFT tokens? 

The best NFT Tokens to buy are:

  • Tezos (TZOS) 
  • Theta (THETA) 
  • Chiliz (CHZ)

2.What is the benefit of owning an NFT?

One of the most obvious benefits of buying art is that you can support artists you admire financially, which is especially true for non-profits (which are way trendier than, like, Telegram stickers). You usually obtain some basic usage rights when you acquire an NFT, such as the ability to publish it online or use it as your profile image.

3.How to buy NFTs?

  • Invest in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. 
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet to an OpenSea NFT Marketplace (MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet that is available as a Chrome extension and a mobile app).
  • Get your NFT now!
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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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