As the recognition of blockchain technology continues to rise universally, industries now want to experience the potential of this technology. An immense disruption was already witnessed in the financial industry (fintech, as it is casually referred to), through the involvement of Blockchain. While now its applications have been firmly researched and evaluated, various industries including software development are indulging in this lucrative technology.

Since the majority of businesses are beginning to explore the proficiency of blockchain by building blockchain applications, the demand for the same is breaking the charts. Existing organizations are investing heavily, and a huge number of new players are stepping in. 

Tech giants are so confident with the emergence of blockchain as the next big thing in technology, will it prove to be once in a century innovation?

Moreover, the surge in dApp development is a significant reason for the frequent rise in top blockchain platforms.

Now, the major question is…

What is a blockchain platform?

In simple terms, blockchain platforms facilitate the development of blockchain-based applications

Imagine you wish to create a cryptocurrency trading app. There will be a whole lot of backend complexities, legal bounds, and other blockchain-related development that will make the process 5x lengthier. Here comes the significance of blockchain platforms, they assist you in doing things that you should not do from scratch. After all, why should you redo a complex implementation which has already been done? 

Now, the blockchain platforms can either be permissioned or permissionless. Well-known players like Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3, Ripple, and EOS are a few platforms that offer blockchain frameworks, allowing creators to develop and host applications on the blockchain.

Let’s now quickly move on to the best blockchain development platforms. The judgment has been done keeping in mind a variety of parameters:

  • Services offered
  • Accessibility
  • Integrity
  • Flexibility
  • Popularity
  • Smart Contract functionality
  • Scalability

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Top Blockchain platforms

#1 Ethereum

Ethereum blockchain platform

A popularly known blockchain services platform, Ethereum has conceived several repercussions in the market. Additionally, it is one of the best blockchain facilities to utilize in 2021. Who would not want to use a terrific open-source platform to run smart contracts (on the custom-built blockchain network)?.

Additionally, there is no doubt that Ethereum is the best platform assisting developers in creating dApps(decentralized applications) and democratic autonomous organizations (DAOs). Ethereum serves secure smart contracts, cryptocurrency trading, and much more.​

Overall, Ethereum is eventually becoming developers’ favorite industry-leading blockchain platform for building enterprise-grade apps.


Programmed Languages: Python, Go, C++
Consensus Type: PoW (Proof of Work)
Network Type: Smart Contract and Public
Payment Method: Ether for computational and transactional services


#2 Hyperledger Fabric

top blockchain platforms - Hyperledger

Hyperledger fabric is the handiest blockchain platform that helps you to build blockchain programs on a modular structure. Alternatively, this platform furnishes diverse technological advances which are decisive for smart software development for industries including finance, supply chain, production, and so on.


Undoubtedly, it is the most effective platform which gives both decentralized hosting and decentralized applications storage with the capability of a smart contract. Moreover, the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform is mainly designed for permitted networks, which enables contributors inside the community to participate in the blockchain. Isn’t it incredible?


Network Type: Permissioned
Payment Method: Open Source
Programmed Language: Python
Consensus Type: Pluggable Framework

#3 EOS 

best blockchain platforms EOS

EOS is an open-source network that is based on the decentralized technology idea. It originally offers the capability for the end-user to carry out numerous activities on the EOS platform. Overall, EOS provides basic services without any fee, hence users can avail of all of the advantages of a dApp based on EOS.


Network Type: Permissioned
Payment Method: Open source
Programmed Language: C++
Consensus Type: Delegated Proof-of-Stake

#4 Ripple

top blockchain network:ripple

Ripple blockchain platform is a perfect blend for cross-border payment services. Additionally, it is one of the most popular platforms among the payment provider organizations, banks, and communities. Ripple facilitates banks to directly transact across national borders.

Ripple is probably the best blockchain platform for the use of both big businesses and individual users. Effortless cross-border payments feature allows it to lead the payments domain.


Network Type: Permissioned
Payment Method: Open Source and Free
Programmed Language: Python
Consensus Type: Probabilistic Voting


#5 Stellar

top blockchain platform: stellar

Stellar, necessarily a dispersed ledger blockchain network offers quick and economical cross-border payment services to organizations and individuals. Additionally, by accessing the stellar blockchain platform, developers can build mobile wallets and intelligent banking apps like Paypal using


Network Type: Public/Private
Payment Method: Open Source
Programmed Language: JavaScript, Java
Consensus Type: Stellar Consensus Protocol

#6 R3 Corda

r3 corda blockchain

R3 Corda is another open-source distributed ledger blockchain platform. It essentially lets businesses directly transact smart contracts. Interestingly, R3 Corda runs on the permitted network which further allows authorized users only for accessing certain information (not the entire network).


Network Type: Permissioned
Payment Method: Open Source
Programmed Languages: C++ and JavaScript
Consensus Type: Pluggable Framework

#7. NEO

NEO platform

The Neo blockchain platform utilizes blockchain smart contracts to handle e-assets. Additionally, NEO also serves the P2P exchange of currencies and digital assets without the involvement of any third party.

  • The Neo blockchain platform has a personally owned currency called “Neo”.
  • This allows you to pay transaction fees on the Neo network so that you can run your app. 
  • The Neo infrastructure manipulates several forms of digital assets. So you can also use digital certificates to securely launch your application on the Neo network.


Network Type: Permissioned
Payment Method: Open Source
Programmed Languages: C#, Java, Python
Consensus Type: Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance


#8 OpenChain

openchain blockchain platform

OpenChain, a fantastic and secured open-source distributed ledger blockchain network by Coinprism, which is efficient for businesses wanting to preserve and deserve their digital assets.

Additionally, with the P2P network and online asset exchange, it is worth referring to this as one of the top blockchain platforms. 


Network Type: Private Network
Payment Method: Open Source and Free Pricing
Programmed Languages: JavaScript
Consensus Type: Partionned Consensus


#9 Multichain

multichain blockchain platform

Multichain is another significant blockchain platform that can be the best choice for the quick deployment of distributed ledger applications. Moreover, in competence with other blockchain networks, Multichain offers better performance and easy scaling. 

The prime benefit of this MultiChain technology platform is:

  • No need to learn an unknown programming language for creating smart contracts
  • Easy software solutions and applications deployment.
Network Type: Permissioned
Payment Method: Free and Open Source
Programmed Languages: C#,C++, Python, JavaScript
Consensus Type: Probabilistic Voting 


#10. Quorum

quorum blockchain

Quorum is backed by one of the leading technological companies: JP Morgan. This blockchain platform is the ideal solution for enterprises and financial markets. Quorum turns your finances private through cryptography and further through its distributed transaction ledger system. Additionally, Quorum has raised significant backing from the developers’ community all thanks to its high-class security.


Network Type: Permissioned
Payment Method: Open Source
Programmed Language: Python
Consensus Type: Majority Voting

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Wrapping up

Until here, we firmly hope you have gained core information surrounding the top 10 most popular blockchain development platforms. If you are looking to start a blockchain application and are still unsure about who to consult with, you are at the right place. Idea Usher has helped numerous blockchain-based businesses establish a top-quality digital product in the market. We deliver the best solutions for all app development requirements. Contact us here for a free consultation.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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