Do you want to make a stock trading app? 

Well, you are on the right track if you want these two things at least: get hundreds of billions of dollars and also change the way people make investments. Investment trading impacts people’s lives in more ways than one. How to make a stock trading app that makes millions of bucks? Yes, we are going to let you in on the secret! 

It is not just you and we who are showing interest in this. According to a report by  Thinkwithgoogle, since 2017, searches related to ‘investment apps,’ ‘home advisor app,’ and ‘penny stock trading app’ searches have surged by 115% YoY.

App CategoryFinance
Industry net revenue$5.3 trillion (traded every day in the forex & trading markets)
Licenses requiredFrom SEC (Security and Exchange Commission), in the USA
Monthly active users in the US*50,000,000+
Top apps available in marketRobinhood, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, E*Trade
ProvisionsStock trading, crypto trading, mutual funds, forex
Net downloads in the US1,000,0000,000+
Development time6-15 weeks

*Based on Google Play Store, Apple Store data

What are stock trading apps?

Stock trading apps make billions of dollars by allowing young investors to indulge in trading markets with zero trading fees and nominal account fees. How do they do it, and what makes them so profitable? Let’s explore all those stock trading possibilities one by one.

Why are stock-trading apps so popular?


How to make a stock trading app that would go on to gain popularity? Okay, here this out:

trading apps have become popular because they offer many features that are not possible without having access to an app.

According to a recent survey conducted in 2020, 67% of investors who use trading platforms feel that they have more advantage over those traders who don’t use them. Click To Tweet 

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Commission-free trading
  • Instant notifications and alerts for the stock market enthusiasts
  • Trading strategies suggested using algorithms
  • Acting as Robo-advisors for yielding massive profits
  • Cybersecurity ensuring transparent trading

What is stock trading marketplace and how to access it through an app?

Firstly, can stock-related trading apps be divided into various categories? Of course, many categories, but, to break learning into simpler terms, let us know the two main categories:

Trading platform types

  • Traditional oriented platform

Traditional assets like stocks, ETFs (Exchange-traded funds), expensive and precious metals, etc., had been on the stock list for ages. These renowned assets are provided for trading on several stock trading platforms.

  • Cryptocurrency oriented platform

Cryptocurrency is a whole new culture in itself. Many young and informed traders like to trade in well-known cryptocurrencies such as Etheruem, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

Stand-out features of a stock trading app

Here are some features for your stock trading app:

1. Multiple platforms

Many trading applications like Webull have both website and mobile applications. Webull calls it a Webull desktop application that can be run on any Android, iOS device, or even the browser version.

2. Real-time functional widgets

A descriptive market overview with bar diagrams, chart, hourly rating of shares, tables of top gainers and top losers, etc are present. Webull has the US trade tab with NASDAQ (American Stock Exchange) list, and the list of any stock exchange of any other country set as your location.

3. Crypto trading

Nowadays, many online trading platforms must have a crypto trading option. That is the hot trend that catapults the investing applications into the top positions.

4. Updates

The users of the app will keep relying on your services and even recommending them if they get new features. Therefore, updates are a necessary part of marketing. For instance, Webull has added several features like 45+ widgets, customizable layout, the introduction of NASDAQ TotalView for advanced quotes, and NOII (Net order imbalance indicator) for inside details of true supply and demand chains. 

5. Voice commands/ Voice Activated trading

Some extra added AI (Artificial Intelligence), features such as voice commands make the app a choice for all sections of the world. Those who are beginners, and those businesspersons who are on the move but are active traders. 

6. Pricing transparency

Transparency is the key to trust so trading platforms have a tab dedicated to pricing lists and other details like margin rates, etc mentioned.

7. Login/ Signup

This is the basic introduction to the app. The first interface that you will notice: a form asking you to fill in the basic information about email id, phone number, etc. Some modern apps also offer touch ID login systems.

8. User page

Where the users can update and manage their personal data.

9. Trade placement feature

Give this feature the utmost attention while you’re building your trading software. Because this is the space from where the traders can place trades on various assets.

10. Transactions and payments

This feature is essential to manage the flow of funds and monitor the app’s transaction activities.

11. Newsfeed feature

You must have read about the fall of stocks of Coca-Cola when Ronaldo removed the bottles from the table? Yes, that was huge! And that’s what happens with stocks sometimes. Any local or global event can directly impact the value of stocks. So, the newsfeed option is very crucial in assessing the trade market trends.

12. Analytics

It will be interesting and helpful for users if you provide performance analytics, charts, and statistical reports on the app.

13. Quote monitoring

App is beneficial if the quotes are all updated in real-time.



And, there are several other features such as push notifications, search options, sorting systems, and so on. 

You must also know some strategies for day trading to get you to gain maximum profit out of all investment moves you make. 

The best way to make use of all the strategies and knowledge of stock trading is to create a stock trading app of your own and, along with your motive, get thousands of young investors a platform.

How to create a stock market app? (step-by-step)


Have you ever wondered— what if I build a stock-trading app and change the face of the stock market? It is a good sign! And to reaffirm your idea, let’s discusses what goes on in its making:

You would require a team set including the project manager, IT developers, Business Analysts( BAs), UI/UX designers, Testers, and marketers. However, the roles of all these professionals are divided into different steps of the app development process. The steps are:

1. Choose the platform

An app idea will always start with market research on your target audience. Once the research work is done, you can decide what platforms your mobile app will build on. Because without knowing the platforms, you cannot work further.

The platforms can be Android, iOS, or website apps. 

However, the best option is to build a cross-platform app that can be made available on all platforms. A cross-platform or a Hybrid app provides increased visibility from the initial phase itself.

2. App development

I. Choose the programming language

You must have chosen the app platform by now. Therefore, the next step is to select the programming language depending on the app platform. As such, there are many languages available for programming, but some are most preferred over others. For iOS, the developers prefer Swift or Objective C, while for Android, the experts mostly prefer Kotlin and Java. 

II. Back-end development

You need to develop server technology to have a strong backend. Because the two pillars of a robust backend are— database and server. So, always hire someone with an incredible amount of experience in architecture, database, and software understanding. 

Server Framework: The first need is to design a server framework using any of the programming languages. many languages are optional, like Python, Ruby, MSSQL, Oracle, .Net, Java, etc., which are all relative databases. Not to forget, some distributed databases like DolphinDB and SingleStore are also used.

III. Front-end development

The developers have to understand the preferences of the client before doing front-end development. The front-end development deals with the user interaction side of the application. The developers should have knowledge and experience working with languages like Java, CSS, HTML. And also skills in complex building systems like React, Angular, JQuery, etc.

3. Other important aspects

The other three important aspects that you just can’t do away with are:

UI/UX designing

E*Trade is listed among the top trading apps because of its user-friendly interface. 

  • You can read the UI (User Interface) guidelines for Android app UI designing.
  • And, even Apple has very meticulously provided its Human Interface guidelines, to refer to if designing the iOS interface.


Post-launch marketing

Besides these steps, a trading app development has a lot many in-depth processes of development; you can check this Trading App blog and get a clearer idea of this. Now, moving on to the money matters, 

How much does it cost to make a stock trading app?


The cost of development can vary depending on the time taken, so let’s check out an estimate of how many hours can a basic stock market app takes to develop:

FeaturesTime (in hours)
User Profiles42 hours
UI/UX Development42 hours
Home Page83 Hours
Search & Filters94 hours
Payments & Transactions43 hours
Notifications42 hours
Authorization & Security60 hours
Market Calendar20 hours
Real-time Quote Updates30 hours
Web/ Mobile API62 hours
Buyer Panel16 hours
Admin Panel16 hours
Total estimation550

Apart from the working hours, team selection also affects the total cost of development. You can get a permanent dedicated team for your application or website, or the other best way is to hire a development team that offers you a package of:

  • efficient working hours,
  • a pocket-friendly budget,
  • and post-launch marketing services as well.

What other important features should we consider: how to make a stock app?


So, till now, the trading app development process seems to be going fine. Now, we will know what features make the app great! Here are three features, in particular, that could help create a robust app:

1. Application Programming Interface (API)

API is used to connect software that helps run your trading platform. So, having a powerful API system will allow the application to run its best business strategies. A few steps to understand:

  • Use some tools that allow faster processing and better management of APIs like Swagger, Kong, Postman, etc. 
  • AWS or Firebase is used for the perfect scalability of the app and also for hosting an API.
  • API security is also a necessity, the important risk mitigation elements include encryption, gateways, and also throttling.
  • Using appropriate and in fact, the best software for RDBMS, and API database management.
  • Use API programming that supports all platforms whether it is Android, iOS, or a web-based application.

2. Security and permissions requirements

Just like a storm surge after a calm sea, the loopholes can also become public if they are there. Therefore, get all security tools ready and working to create trust among the app users. Some of the ways can be:

  • Create a secure cloud deployment; for instance, you can use hybrid cloud computing to create extra security.
  • Integrating modern security tools like firewalls, strong encryptions, multi-factor authentication (MFA), etc.
  • Install software which real-time threat intelligence for managing enough cybersecurity (basically creating an Intrusion Prevention System)
  • Bringing a ‘Compliance-as-code’ system for proper internal management and audit.

As for legalities, consider these three aspects :

  • Licensing for permission from all the countries where your stock market application will be available.
  • Get permission from the regulatory authorities like the Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA, etc.
  • Participate in special programs like FINRA, SIPC, etc.

Once you have looked into the licensing issue, which is crucial, you can safely move on to the other aspects of application development.

App development for Android and iOS

Often we get confused as to which is the best way to create a trading platform?

Firstly,  you have to decide whether you want a website-based application or a mobile app. Generally, an app provides more functional flexibility.

Henceforth, you can create an app for Android or iOS or prefer a hybrid app. Mostly, for iOS, Swift is the advanced language choice. And, for Android, you can opt for Java or Android Studio for app development.

Which is the best software for stock trading?

Stock trading enthusiasts always keep checking What is the best stock app for android 2021 and why? Here are the top 4 trading apps and the reasons why they are ruling over other apps:

1. Fidelity

Apart from finding trading opportunities for newcomers, Fidelity investment is also profitable for many who have long-term investments goals like retirement planning. They offer two trading platforms— one for active investors and the other for other basic investors.

Video: Learn to make the top-ranking stock trading app like Fidelity

Fees: Zero commission fee if you are trading in stocks, ETFs, and options trading

Account minimum: No minimum deposit is required

Extensive research feature Limited charting options available
Impressive investment and trading features, that satisfy most traders 

Read our: How To Make Stock Trading App Like Fidelity | Idea Usher for more information on this top-grossing app.

2. E*Trade

E*Trade has had a successful long-run since it opened in 1982. It is a trusted brand with many users of the app using it for years now. The technological advancements that the app includes with its update have played a significant role in the uprise of E*Trade. Some notable features of the app include online screeners, prebuilt portfolios, thematic investing, and technical analysis tools. 

Fees: Zero commission fee if you are trading in stocks, and ETFs

Account minimum: No minimum deposit is required

User-friendly mobile application interfaceOnly bank transfer of amounts is possible
The trading fee is low and research tools are in abundanceNot yet opened its doors for forex trading

3. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is also a big name in the online stock brokerage field. It is a free trading platform with its website, mobile app, and Thinkorswim platform designed especially for active traders. Some of the nice-to-have features of TD Ameritrade include various order types such as Market, Limit, Trailing Stop %, Stock Market, Trailing Stop $, and Stop-limit.

Fees: Zero commission for stock trading, EFTs, and options trading

Account minimum: no minimum deposit is required

A vast variety of assets and types of accounts.Schwab acquisition has hanged its future mid-air
Less cost of accounts 

4. Robinhood

Robinhood is a free-trading application platform that has grown widely popular because of its real-time information-providing feature. They provide information on quotations and also the trading shares of companies. The app monetizes through accumulated interests of its users’ accounts. Among the industry people, Robinhood is famously dubbed as ‘the Amazon of financial services.’ It can soon become the no 1 trading app!

Fees: Zero commissions for stock, ETFs, and options trading

Account minimum: no minimum deposit is required

Fast and easy app speedThe product range is limited
Mobile and web trading (both platforms) are providedResearch material is less diverse

Whenever a doubt enters your mind—are there any free trading apps out there? You know the answer— almost all the top apps like that offer basic app usage for free. So, why wait? Make an investment app and get the most out of it!

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Stock trading apps are taking the front seat because the millennials are more cautious and active in all their financial endeavors. They like to invest their extra money to earn a side income. Some have passion and an innate interest in stock trading, while others want to invest and save for their retirement lives. 

All in all, you can answer the ‘how to make a stock trading app?’ question, once you start making one. So gear up and don’t wait too long, Idea Usher is here to help.

For more information on this, contact us.

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Q. Are stock trading apps reliable or not?

A. Yes, the top trading apps are so trusted because of their reliability and security. If you ever create an app, make sure that your app has all its safety and security features.

Q. What is an online stock brokerage system project?

A. An online brokerage system is a simple brokerage system, same as any ‘brick and mortar one, only that this one has all things online. You can access the facilities through an app.

Q. Do native apps take more time in developing than a website?

A. Native apps are created for specific platforms like Android and iOS. Moreover, a good developer will always prepare a strong framework for the app. App creation, designing, and development take a lot of time. So, yes, it is lengthy, but the outcomes are also incomparable.

Q. What platforms let you day trade?

A. Almost all online stock trading apps let you day trade. But many of us have doubts about how much is the minimum amount? $100, yes! Many brokers allow a minimum of $100 as the starting capital.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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