Sorare Clone Script

Sorare Clone Script is an NFT marketplace that allows you to collect fantasy football game cards that are tokenized in the NFT blockchain. You can buy, sell, or trade these cards on the platform itself. 

Sorare acts as a bridge between the NFT market and the Football audience. It combines the best of both worlds and brings to the table a unique combination of tokens that can potentially rake up millions of dollars in revenue. 

NameSorare NFT marketplace
Industry Blockchain and NFTs
FounderNicolas Julia
Founded In2018
Est. Annual Revenue$6.5 M
Top CompetitorsNBA Top Shot

The Sorare NFT Marketplace

Sorare NFT Marketplace

The Sorare marketplace has access to over 215 football clubs globally, and the marketplace is exclusively for football collectibles. Some 9 percent of respondents stated that they had spent 42-61 Pounds on merchandise products by their favorite Premier League club in the past 12 months. 

Functionalities of Sorare Clone Software Development

Now that you understand what the Sorare marketplace does, it is time to know what are the basic tasks of the platform in question. The Sorare marketplace performs 3 broad functions, 

  1. Allowing users to buy the collectibles of their choice,
  2. Allowing sellers to sell their collection to interested buyers, and
  3. Withdrawal of wallet funds into the user’s bank account in the form of fiat currency. 

How Can A User Buy A Collectible On Sorare? 

To buy a collectible on Sorare the user needs to place a bid on the collectible that has been put to auction by the seller. His/ her bid will compete against the other bids placed on the same token. If the bid offers the best possible price to the seller against other bids, it will win the auction. Otherwise, the money will be returned to the bidder via ETH or Credit Card. The collectible once won can be showcased in the buyer’s gallery. 

How Can A User Sell A Collectible On Sorare? 

To sell a collectible you have to first put it up for a sale on the marketplace. It is as easy as choosing the collectible from your gallery, setting a price against it, and clicking the “For Sale” button. 

If an interested buyer matches the seller’s price, he buys the collectible. Subsequently, the item disappears from the seller’s gallery, and the money is processed to his/ her wallet in a few days. On the other hand, if it is not sold, the collectible remains in his/ her gallery as it is. 

The Power Hour

Power Hour is a daily event that takes place every day on the NFT marketplace. Somewhere between 45 to 60 cards are auctioned in that 1 hour. The event generally ends with a unique card like Ronaldo, or Neymar.

NBA Top Shot Vs. Sorare Collection

NBA vs. Sorare

A distinguishing factor between the NBA Topshot project and the Sorare collection is that NBA Top Shot doesn’t keep up with the live game updates, whereas Sorare heavily specializes on that front. Sorare participants get rewards based on their predictions on the live on-going games, which is something that NBA Top Shot lacks. 

Sorare Features

There are various features in Sorare that come in both profiles: the admin profile as well as the user profile. Here is a list of features offered by Sorare:

sorare features

1. User Features

  • Cool UI,
  • Interactive graphics,
  • Reward points,
  • Online money-making channel, and
  • Built-in payment gateway.

2. Admin Features:

  • Various roles dashboard,
  • Accounts management,
  • Live insights,
  • Data-driven infrastructure,
  • Affiliate marketing, and Ad-sense, and
  • CRM, and CMS.

3. Withdrawal

The first step to the withdrawal of funds is wallet creation. Once you do that, you will be asked to fund it with Ramp. This means converting your fiat currency into ETH. Then you have to specify the amount of money you want to fund it with and which fiat currency you want to use. You also have to specify the payment mode, verify your mail address, and keep track of the payments. 

Special Features Of The Sorare Clone Script 

It is important to note that the players’ performance is updated in real-time, thus allowing the participants to make informed decisions on their actions. Since it is integrated with the ETH blockchain the same collectibles cannot be used in two different teams, this protects the holders against fraud. 

Participation risk is also a big factor in this business model, as NFTs and crypto are known to be extremely volatile. However, with Sorare, this participation risk becomes zero as tokens are purchased from verified club distributors. 

How Does Sorare Clone Software Work?

Users need to create an account on the Sorare platform by signing up with their email address, phone number, and connecting their crypto wallet. Social media accounts like Google Plus and Facebook can also be integrated to facilitate easy login. The Ramp network is used to complete the KYC/ AML process. 

At first, the participant would need to join a league, this allows the participant to create a free squad of 12 members. He/ she also can create lineups based on the real games going on that particular day. The best possible Lineup will result in rewards and prizes. 

The participants can also play for tournaments and matches using 5 tokens: defenders, goalkeepers, strikers, and midfielders. After the game is done, the participants will win some prizes and awards based on their accumulated points. 

The players can check the Sorare clone selling website for new tournament updates. Participants must also take part in a tournament as a weekly task. The winners will immediately get Ethereum cryptocurrency and crypto-collectibles to their compatible digital wallets.

Benefits of Sorare:

There are many benefits of the Sorare NFT marketplace such as: 

  • Ads generate a stable revenue stream,
  • Ready-to-launch platform,
  • A brilliant and simple UI that stands out,
  • SEO optimized business,
  • Loyalty programs and additional revenue models,
  • Accelerated and greater reach, and
  • Both android and iOS compatibility.

Build a Sorare Clone Software with Idea Usher

Idea Usher has a team of Front-end, back-end, full-stack, blockchain developers, and marketers who have worked on over 200+ projects with popular brands globally. 

The NFT sector is extremely competitive, and to enter this market you need the very best people on your team. We can help you build an NFT marketplace like Sorare within a reasonable budget. 

NFT Collections

NFT Collections

The NFT collections that are available on Sorare are also sold on OpenSea secondary market. Sorare produces tokens on the ETH blockchain for players from over 215 clubs globally, this number keeps growing over time and so does their revenue. 

The most expensive Sorare NFT collectible sold is Lionel Messi’s token retailing at just over $1.1 M in the primary market. Christiano Ronaldo’s token was sold at a relatively lower price of $262K. 

These through-the-roof prices tell you that these collectibles are not “Just for fun”, but also a genuine asset that football fans love to buy, sell, and trade. Although, it must be said that the prices largely depend on the market price of ETH.  


The Sorare Clone Script is an innovative project that shows us the future of NFT marketplaces. When executed perfectly, making an NFT marketplace exclusive for a specific audience like Sorare is a great idea.  

There are similar projects like Sorare coming up in the market right now. However, only a few make an impact with its target audience. Marketing plays a key role in making this dent. Sorare is one of the best projects out there and if you want to make similar software, then contact us. 

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1.  Who Is The Founder of Sorare? 

Nicholas Julia is one of the co-founders of Sorare he is also presently the CEO. Adrien Montfort is also a co-founder.

2. What is the most expensive card ever sold on Sorare?

Lionel Messi – The Golden One is the most expensive card sold on Sorare, at about $1,128,815. It is currently listed on OpenSea at ETH 3,303,030, which is $16,845,453.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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