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Are you a fashion retailer who wonders how to increase sales? Get an AI-based shopping assistant app for your brand. 

Alibaba, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon, Macy’s, and several other big industry giants are making billions and billions of profit through one technology named Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that was once the imaginary subject in mind or a plot of science fiction, is now empowering brands to gain huge profits. It is now a reality in people’s daily lives, whether they recognize it or not. 

Recently, Walmart made news headlines by launching its AI-based clothing try-on technology. We will talk in-detail about Walmart’s technology explaining how it helps in enhancing user experience. Before Walmart, it was Amazon who launched the AI-based shopping assistant named “Shazam for Clothes”. Thus, every industry is evolving to remain ahead in the curve.

Before that, let’s dig a bit about the features of the AI-based clothing assistant apps and how beneficial they can be in the long run.

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6 Features In The AI-Based Clothing Assistant App

The number of features and the quality of the search results determine how popular the shopping assistant apps are. With its growing popularity, there is a lot of room for numerous inventive features and one-of-a-kind solutions that you can use in the creation of your project.

Thus, the modern shopping assistant software must be embedded with the following features:

1. Price comparison

Amazon's Price Comparison

To start with, price comparison is a must-have tool in AI-based shopping assistant app. The tool assists users in locating a high-quality product that too at the best price and saving money on the transaction. These pricing comparisons are based on the user’s previous shopping history and requirements.

This function can retrieve data from digital retailers or physical businesses that are ready to offer the data with additional discounts using Artificial Intelligence. You can obtain data via partnering with brands or by using open-source data.

2. AI-Chatbot

Amazon's AI-Chatbot

Because chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for shopping, incorporating an AI-based chatbot into your personal shopper app is an impeccable idea. The designed chatbot should be able to assist a user in making a decision, purchasing or booking something, and then tracking the status of the delivery or order. It’s also a good idea to connect this chatbot to social media platforms so that your customers can easily place orders.

3. Image Recognition

Amazon's Image Recognition

Clothing apps like Amazon, Asos, and many more are one of the best examples featuring the image recognition feature for shopping. Consider the case where a user notices a specific piece of clothing on someone or discovers a photo on a social media site like Pinterest. They don’t know where to get a similar item, but instead of scouring dozens of online retailers, they can simply upload an image to your app, and your AI algorithms will recommend many things from various stores. This is how image recognition can enhance the customer’s shopping experience. 

4. Custom Recommendations

Amazon's Custom Recommendation

Artificial Intelligence is used to make personalized recommendations. These suggestions will be for a variety of additional products that are related to the one that was purchased. For example, if a customer buys a blouse, this function will suggest the best footwear or jeans that go with it. The feature that learns more about the customers is the personal suggestion tool.

5. Amount Prediction

Amazon's Amount Prediction

Price prediction through AI provides information to the user on price fluctuations for a product. This feature is powered by a price prediction system that will benefit the shopping assistant app. This function tells customers when the price of their preferred products changes. And eventually, it grabs more user attention and engagement. 

6. AI-Fashion Stylists

Amazon's AI-Fashion Stylist

Personalization is important to clothing customers, as you may know. Consider investing in AI-powered stylists that analyze information from uploaded images, discover trends in photos, and propose similar things from your product catalog that suit a customer’s tastes to make personalized recommendations even more relevant to them.

Thread, an online fashion retailer, has perfected fashion AI outfit customization with its virtual stylist. Thread’s objective is to use artificial intelligence to assist men in dressing effectively, more comfortably, and with ease of access. 

How AI Profits The Fashion Retail Industry?

In the world of fashion retail, there are numerous opportunities for AI solutions. Out of a plethora of AI benefits in the fashion retail industry, we have picked a few for you to explore that include:

Benefits of AI in Fashion Industry

Profit 1: Customer Engagement

Customers will be interested in AI tools throughout the entire purchase experience. Aside from digital try-ons, augmented reality apps can assist us in locating the store, spotting appropriate garments, making a purchase, applying amusing filters, chatting with an AI bot, and much more.

Profit 2: Brand Awareness

To increase brand exposure, fashion brands use AI solutions. Customers, for example, use an AI app to scan a product and view information about its unique features and benefits. As a result, customers are unlikely to ignore key selling elements that distinguish the goods, such as a hi-tech fabric with micro-perforation, a water-resistant outer layer, eco-friendly cotton, or ethically produced mulberry silk.

Profit 3: Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is highly important. Both online and offline, AI-based stores make the buying experience more vivid and emotionally fulfilling. Furthermore, it enhances people’s ability to make the best decision. It makes the decision-making process easier and faster. As a result, customers become happier, and they tend to become loyal customers for a lifetime.

Profit 4: Customer Retention

A great AI shopping experience ensures that a higher number of customers will return for a high-quality cloth shopping experience. They might also tell their real-world and social media contacts about the AI store/app. After all, a quality shopping experience is something that everyone enjoys sharing.

Profit 5: Cost Reduction

To make purchasing decisions easier, many online retailers have developed a customer-friendly returns policy. This marketing strategy has additional costs in the fashion industry, especially when a retailer covers all shipping costs. AI solutions that allow customers to inspect a close-up image of a product lower the frequency of returns and the number of money retailers expand on moving products around.

A runway show is another area where large fashion labels may save money. A real-life event is usually quite costly. All expenditures will be significantly lowered if they can be made virtual. Furthermore, in the event of a pandemic, this idea is extremely attractive because designers will not be forced to cancel their digital exhibitions.

Profit 6: Increased Sales

AI shopping is fun to use and has a lot of extra options to explore. Customers become more proactive and inquiring as a result of this. They fill their shopping cart with more clothes and accessories and are less inclined to reconsider and abandon it.

As a result of the enhanced shopping experience and better customer service, the stores tend to enjoy increased sales and several other growth opportunities.

Why Should You Develop An AI-based Shopping Assistant App?

According to a study by Google, 84% of shoppers prefer using a smartphone while doing search shopping for information about the products they want to buy. As the statistics and case studies say, online platforms are influencing the future of retail and putting everything at our fingertips. Such applications can assist firms in reaching a larger audience while remaining based in a single location. Users may find AI-enabled apps intriguing because they do not have to exert additional effort in order to receive relevant suggestions while buying.

One of the most important factors that individuals look for when buying is convenience. Said that websites and well-known e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay ushered in a new era of convenient purchasing. Not everyone has the time or patience to spend hours looking for a new pair of shoes or last-minute gifts. In these situations, shopping assistant apps can be a lifesaver for customers.

People can use shopping assistant applications to compare costs, browse, and get the best offer based on their budget. All of this is possible because of a powerful mix of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, which allows for the creation of user-centric and AI-based shopping assistant apps.

Walmart Launches AI-Powered Virtual Clothing Try-On: Case Study

Walmart's AI-Based clothing assistant app

“We want to have a best-in-class shopping experience online, and we feel like this is the shopping of the future, and we want to lead the way,” said Walmart’s executive vice president of apparel and private brands; Denise Incandela. 

According to a March press release, Walmart has developed Choose My Model, a virtual tool driven by artificial intelligence that allows consumers to select a person similar to their height, shape, and skin tone to see how clothes would fit. This AI-based clothing assistant is the first product that came as the result of Walmart’s acquisition of Zeekit in May. 

The app allows customers to visualize how apparel will appear on them without having to go to a store. The “Choose My Model” function will work with hundreds of items from Walmart’s own portfolio of exclusive and private brands. 

Thus, Walmart has come up with the perfect solution that assists customers in selecting things that look good on them. By simply being responsive to customers’ requirements, the company is encouraging a purchase, leading to more sales. It’s also about reducing the number of returns of clothing that don’t fit after being put on at home. Walmart has attempted to solve the issue of customer inconvenience by allowing customers to return or exchange internet purchases at their local locations. The ideal scenario, however, would be a complete drop-in return.

Walmart’s implementation of a virtual try-on function, on the other hand, may encourage other e-commerce companies to include comparable technology into their own websites and applications in the future. This will unleash a plethora of opportunities for several AI-based development companies. 

Future Of AI In Fashion Industry

Market Value of AI in Fashion Industry

As the numbers speak volumes, AI in fashion is having a significant impact on the worldwide fashion business. The report by Statista predicted the growth of artificial intelligence in the global fashion market to be at a CAGR of 36.9 percent during the forecast period from 2019 to 2027. Also, it stated that the market value will cross 4.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

Thus, the growing interest of fashion manufacturers and clothing retailers in artificial intelligence is proof that this technology is unquestionably the next technological trend. Artificial Intelligence will help the industry become wiser and more clever in its understanding of customer moods and fashion preferences. Having discussed the benefits of artificial intelligence in the clothing industry, the technology is surely going to grab every customer and service provider’s attention. 

Build Your Own AI-Based Clothing Assistant App With Idea Usher

The creation of AI-based shopping assistant apps is the current industry trend. These applications benefit both businesses and users in a variety of ways. Everyone wants a quick response, and these AI-based shopping assistant apps provide it. You may create these apps with the help of a reputable mobile app development company.

If you want to create such a highly functioning AI-mobile app, contact Idea Usher as we can assist you in realizing your vision and then turn it into reality. We are backed by a team of proficient app developers whose work speaks volumes about their expertise. Having years of skillful knowledge in the domain, we have never failed to deliver the expected results. We’ve worked on several AI-based app development projects for eCommerce firms of all sizes and in a variety of markets, and we’d be pleased to share our knowledge with you.

Contact us for more information about your project or to learn more about AI-based app development!

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Final Takeaway

As the popularity of online and mobile shopping grows, so does the desire for solutions that make the process even easier to grow. Users can utilize AI-based shopping assistant app to help them choose the best option from thousands of options. To create a shopping assistant app, you must first decide what things to sell and who you want to target, as this will impact your marketing strategy.

Make sure you choose the right platform that will offer you a high-quality AI app development solution because a personal AI-based shopping assistant app will be the major tool for generating cash for your company. 


What influences the AI clothing assistant app development cost?

These are several factors that influence the cost of AI-based shopping assistant apps. Out of which we have penned down a few of them:

  • Project scope
  • Tech stack
  • Feature complexity
  • Platform integration
  • App functionality
  • API integrations

How long does it take to build AI shopping assistant app?

On average it takes 2-3 months to build an MVP of an AI-based app. However, it varies from project to project depending on features, functions, platforms, technology stack and more. 

What are the benefits of AI shopping assistant app to the users?

Out of several benefits to customers, we have penned down a few which include:

  • Personalized services
  • Automation saves time and money
  • Organized shopping journey
  • Easy tracking of orders from the app
  • Monitor price movements 

Are you a fashion retailer who wonders how to increase sales? Get an AI-based shopping assistant app for your brand.  Alibaba, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon, Macy’s, and several other big industry giants are making billions and billions of profit through one technology named Artificial Intelligence! Artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that was once the imaginary subject […]

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