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I am sure everyone is aware of the impact that Amazon has caused with the help of the latest technology, whether it’s cinema, online shopping, or listening to music.

Now this company has taken a step further by levelling up your hair cut.

In April 2021, Amazon launched its first hair saloon, and they made sure that it included the comforting quilts of technology that provides for ‘tap to order’, ‘right to scan’ and, as we all know, excellent customer service. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Amazon hair saloon

Source: Amazon

What Is Ar and Why Should You Know About It?

AR stands for augmented reality is a technology that projects computer generated augmentations on top of reality helping us perform tasks better and efficiently.

AR, which falls between reality and virtual reality (VR), is a method used to render actual world data and present it intuitively, allowing virtual elements to match the present reality resulting in a revolution.

One easy example of augmented reality is last decade’s sensation ‘Pokemon go’. If you have ever come across this game, then you must know that it mirrors reality with just Pokemons added to it; that’s it, that is possible with the help of AR.

Why should you know about augmented reality and how it will help you thrive in your business?

AR is giving brands the power to provide their customers with stunning experiences that can decide the difference between purchase and moving on

For example:- Google introduced ‘Google Lens’ to further simplify the search process by making customers eligible to just scan an object with a phone camera to know about it rather than going hunting for the right words to type in a search box.

Amazon Saloon: Everything You Need to Know

After knowing what AR is, let’s take a look at how Amazon is using this technology to reap the benefits.

Augmented reality will enable customers to see what they will look like with vast options of hair colours. The screen attached to a wall allows the customer to select the hair colour of his choice and then project their image, which uses AR technology to display the most accurate look prediction.

example of augmented reality

Source: Tech Insider

Thanks to new “point-and-learn” technology, customers will be able to point at a product in the saloon and view information on their smartphone screen. If they want to order the product, they could even scan a QR code to take them to an product page.

“We designed this saloon for customers to come and experience some of the advanced technologies, hair care products, and stylists in the industry,” said Amazon’s U.K. country manager, John Boumphrey, in a remark. “We want this one-of-a-kind venue to bring us closer to our customers, as well as a place where we can collaborate with the industry and test new technologies.”

Amazon saloon is not the first attempt of Amazon to revolutionize the normal things into something which includes the touches of advancement, ease and comfort; it’s something the company makes profit out of. Beginning in 1994 with taking books on the internet to branch out into many industries like video streaming, music streaming, e-commerce, etc and now your haircut.

What Impact Will Amazon Saloon Will Have on Hairdressing Business?

The beauty salon industry has a wildly growing market and it is estimated to reach $217.25 billion by 2026. Sure, Amazon has made an impact on the industry with its launch in April earlier this year.

But this is an impact for good, the white collars at the company have clearly stated their intentions of launching the saloon and that is to test new technologies and getting themselves introduced to this new industry.

It’s been months since the company has launched their hair saloon and almost half a year later the score is still one. Making the store in London the one and only so far.

Companies like Amazon never delay in stepping into the market and current circumstances indicate that they might have no intention to hijack the hairdressing industry.

On the other hand, this is serving as a top notch example for the growing businesses to take advantage of AR and use it to enhance the customer experience.  

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