DeSo interface. ui
DeSo: First Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform

DeSo blockchain, a brand-new layer-1 blockchain; built from the bottom up to scale decentralized social apps to one billion users. Deso already powers over 100 applications, including (a decentralized social network). The concept of a decentralized social (DeSo) network, which is the next phase in the evolution of social networking, has piqued the interest

blockchain identity management
Your Guide to Blockchain Identity Management

Industry 4.0 has brought about many changes in the world as organizations are focusing on creating intelligent systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides, organizations have also started emphasizing ‘Blockchain Identity Management’ and have started thinking about its various aspects. “How does blockchain identity management work?” “What are its benefits?” “Where can it be

How Much Does It Cost to Build Blockchain Projects?
How Much Does it Cost to Build Blockchain Projects?

Want to know the cost of blockchain project development? You’re on the right page. We will share with you the exact factors, and resources that affect the cost of development. Before we get to a number, we must understand the logic behind it.  In translation, we shall first understand what types of blockchain projects can

Marketing in the Metaverse: The Future of the Internet

The Metaverse has been in discussion for the past few weeks now. Trending in almost all social media platforms, the term “metaverse” has become one of the most searched keywords on Google. Although the metaverse is nothing new, Mark Zuckerberg’s open acknowledgment of the same has surely had an effect on Facebook’s share prices. So,

blockchain technology etfs access to the crypto world
Top 4 Best Blockchain Technology ETFs that lets you access the crypto world. 

Suppose you have been thinking about investing in the crypto market but are unsure which coin to pick. Then blockchain technology ETFs are the best option for you. Contents What is an ETF?What is Blockchain Technology?Why should you invest in Blockchain technology? How does Blockchain technology ETFs grant you access to the crypto world? There are primarily

Blockchain technology
What is a blockchain and how does it work?

Blockchain is a digital ledger that efficiently records transactions between two parties and verifies and permanent transactions. Every time a transaction occurs, it is updated in all of the ledgers stored across a network of computers. The chain of blocks is permanently linked to each other using cryptography. Blockchain can be used for many transactions,

Blockchain terms
51 Essential Blockchain Terms You Should Know

Blockchain is a decentralised, distributed ledger technology that enables multiple parties to record and verify transactions without the need for a central authority. A house, vehicle, cash, or piece of land can be both tangible and immaterial (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding). Before you move on to talk to anyone about developing blockchain technology, it’s

How to create a crypto wallet app?
How to create a crypto wallet app?

If you are still living in the remote parts of the Amazonian rainforest or interstellar space, chances are pretty high you haven’t heard of the term ‘Cryptocurrency’ in the last few years. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin getting popular overnight, people needed to store their hard-earned crypto money somewhere. Thus arose the need for a crypto

custom android development
Why Get a Custom Android App Developed?

How is custom Android development beneficial to you? The breakthrough in technology in today’s era is massive. The world is slowly and steadily moving online. Smartphones have made our world highly easy and accessible. Hence, the number of smartphone users is rapidly increasing compared to the number of desktop/laptop users. In such a time, businesses

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