what are p2e games
A complete guide for P2E games development.

P2E games have become the primary topic in the gaming community after the popularity of blockchain. Moreover, many investors and entrepreneurs are interested in making their play-to-earn games after knowing the potential of making profits from such games.  But what are P2E games? Why adding blockchain technology to your play-to-earn game can give better results

How do dApps make money?
How do dApps make money? – A detailed explanation

How do dApps make money and benefit firms? These are some central questions in today’s times? Unlike revenue models for the traditional applications, dApps offer initial coin offerings, token launch activities, transaction fees, and donations as unique money-generating ideas. There are already some dApps having a large user base and earning a massive chunk of

buy now pay later app
15 Must-have features of a Buy Now Pay Later app

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ or ‘BNPL’ has been the talk of the town or at least the talk of the “online shopping” world. Why? The reason isn’t quite hard to guess. It’s because of the growth of e-commerce! If you are an avid reader of tech news, or even if you skim through tech information

top real-world iot examples
Top 10 real-world IoT examples in 2022

The Internet of Things has enabled firms to incorporate intelligent systems into their functions. As a result, entrepreneurs wish to know more about real-world IoT examples and how they can scale their businesses. IoT has changed the economic and technological landscape by integrating intelligent systems into day-to-day processes. It has shown time and again that

NFL interface
Top 20 Features of a Fantasy Football App like NFL

NFL app is the ultimate app for every football lover, an all-in-one app. It is quite significant in the lives of football fans since there are numerous features of a  fantasy football app like NFL, such as live game streaming (exclusive for Verizon smartphone customers), trending videos on NFL Now, game replays with NFL Game

What is app clips
What is app clips & how does this help to improve your business. 

What is app clips? This question comes to the mind of entrepreneurs when they think of targeting iOS users for their apps.   Since the introduction of the Apple clips from iOS 14, the app entrepreneurs have seen better results in getting more app users and expanding their business.  Moreover, the app users also get a

AI in Insurance
AI in Insurance: How data is impacting the sector?

A report by McKinsey reports that across an array of functions and use cases AI investments, AI in the insurance industry can drive up to a whopping $1.1 trillion in potential annual value.  As insurers increasingly adopt technology, they are beginning to focus on AI (Artificial Intelligence) as their next big growth opportunity. They target

waterfall vs. agile
Waterfall vs. Agile: Choose the right methodology for your project

The corporate world has changed dramatically since the advent of the internet. Traditionally, while smaller businesses tried to retain their local customers, giant-sized companies tried to corner most of the market. Project management methodologies have become essential to how everything functions. This article will examine the difference between the most popular methodologies, Waterfall vs. Agile.

dating app
How to create a dating app? Learn from the experts.

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have been instrumental in expanding the market for dating platforms. Meeting potential partners in malls, parks, and restaurants is now a thing of the past. In today’s era of mobile apps, everything is accessible right at our fingertips, and so is dating. Thus, learning how to create a

What is the difference between custodial and non custodial wallets
Know the difference between non custodial wallet vs custodial wallet.

Non custodial wallet vs custodial wallet. Crypto users get different choices for storing their cryptocurrencies by selecting between these wallets. Moreover, the digital platforms of both kinds of wallets are making more profits due to the sudden increase in crypto investors worldwide.  Many entrepreneurs and investors are interested in making their crypto platform through blockchain

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