The fastest business investment ideas amidst COVID-19

COVID 19 safety rules involve social distancing and contact tracing. Online, brands have leveraged the lapses of the crisis and turned them into profit-reservoirs.

Pickup & Delivery

Consumers are unable to hit the stores. They are, however, free to navigate online retail stores. The online (and offline) retail stores, in return, require robust logistics to fulfill orders. Build a logistics and supply chain management solution to reach the consumer’s doorsteps.

Grocery Delivery

Online grocery shopping is becoming more popular among consumers. To keep up, build an on-demand home grocery delivery service for your business that can help boost your sales exponentially.

Fitness & Wellness

As gyms and other outdoor fitness facilities are out of the picture, online fitness solutions such as health and wellness apps are monopolized. Investing in converting or starting your fitness platform into a digital solution can target a broad customer base in the whole new workout approach.

Food Delivery

Online food delivery apps can help people avoid crowded restaurants and public spaces and enjoy their favorite cuisines stress-free. By building a custom digital solution for your restaurant or eatery, you can streamline the delivery process, restaurant management and serve your customers efficiently.

HealthCare Consultations

Bridge the gap between patients and doctors while complying with the social distancing regulations. Add additional logistics like patient report scanning, chat system, video calling, appointment scheduling, etc., that can help improve clinical oversights.

Medicine Delivery

All brick and mortar shops have moved online, including pharma. An online digital solution can work well for a Pharma/Medicine Delivery business as it sources the consumers their prescription medicines in just one click. One can build different models, such as single-store or customer-oriented, depending on the services they wish to/already offer.

Crisis Commitment

In a challenging survival of the fittest, business still means business.


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