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Have you ever heard of the term Super Apps? In layman’s language, a Super app is an app containing many other apps.

A super app enables many tasks to run at once. It allows the user access to multiple features all in one place. It is deemed useful as the user can achieve several tasks on one single platform in just one click.

Its increasing popularity has become every app developer’s dream to create a super app. Some of the leading examples of such apps are:


From booking cab rides to delivering groceries, Uber made its way into becoming a super app.


The child of the Alibaba Group, Alipay, offers several financial services.


Based in China, WeChat is a multi-purpose social networking and payment app.

Another tremendous example of such super apps is Gojek. Let us learn a bit about this application.

What is Gojek?

What is Gojek?

As discussed above, Gojek is a super app. First launched in Indonesia, Gojek provides its users with many services, namely:

  • Gojek food services
  • Gojek driver app
  • The Gojek maid
  • Gojek courier service, and so on.

How did Gojek become so popular?

Since it offered such a plethora of services, many people decided to download Gojek and made it a top-rated app. 

We have listed below a few more reasons why Gojek became so popular among the peers:

  • All in one: Since it offers many services in just one application, the users don’t have to flood their smartphones with unnecessary applications.
  • Better prices: A considerable number of service providers have themselves registered on this platform. Since they all want you to choose them, they will compete in offering better rates.
  • Great demand: Consumers find it better to find all services in one app rather than installing many different ones. Similarly, the service providers also think of it as useful to display all their services on the same platform. It increased its demand.
  • Promotion schemes: The app regularly offers many promotions and rebates. It gives consumers another reason to use it.
  • Excellent UI: The app offers a state-of-the-art User Interface (UI). This helps the users in easy navigation. In turn, finding what they are searching for takes minimal effort.
  • Various payment methods: It is a platform for many different services. Gojek provides a range of payment methods that the user can avail of.
  • Huge spread: Gojek’s services expand to many different cities.
  • Customer service Gojek: Gojek’s customer services are robust. When users get a prompt and easy solution to their problems, they develop trust in the app.

 We now have a thorough knowledge of Gojek. Let us jump to the main point of discussion: Gojek, like app development.

Gojek like app development

Gojek’s business model, reach, and popularity is world-class. It is no surprise that many app developers wanted to indulge themselves in Gojek like app development.

As easy as it sounds, Gojek, like app development, is a lengthy and a tad bit tricky process. There is a massive difference between having the idea and the actual Gojek-like app development process. There are many steps and details involved in it.

Since it is a nifty app and has many aspects involved, the Gojek-like app development process can sometimes even take years to finish. There are millions of minute details that the app developers need to be sure of while proceeding. Necessary investment and equipment also play a massive role in the Gojek like app development procedure.

But none of it means that one cannot procure significant revenue from such an app. When you choose Idea Usher, your ideas are turned into reality in days, not months!  Let us discuss the procedure of a Gojek like app development process.

Gojek like the App development Process

Gojek like app development process

Follow these methods for your Gojek like app development project:

Approach a mobile app development company

Hiring an experienced and qualified mobile app development company can reap many benefits.
Idea Usher can offer you their services for your Gojek like app development project. Due to our vast experience, we are already acquainted with the handyman tools that this project demands. We can help you attain efficient results, and our uniqueness may help you attract many customers.

Before you step foot into the journey of looking for an app development company, keep the following aspects in mind. 

  • Decide the number of services you wish to offer.
  • Prepare a rough budget.
  • If you want to provide some unique features, think about them beforehand.
  • Make sure whoever you have chosen works exclusively on your task. 

Gojek source code

Cloning the Gojek source won’t be an easy task. If you feel impatient and cannot wait for so long, it is always suggestible to buy the clone app source code.

Several app development companies, such as IdeaUsher, can ease out your Gojek like app development process. Their seasoned experts can fix a ready-made Gojek like clone app for you.

Reasons to go with an app development firm – 

  • It will help increase profits.
  • No time investment or management from your end.
  • They will ensure that the app goes under all the possible tests before launching in the market.
  • They will help you time and prepare for the app launch.

Go with a freelance platform.

You can find many freelance platforms available that can guide you through the process of connecting with the business and freelance service providers. You can also find freelancers willing to help you with the Gojek like app development procedure.

Register yourself (your company) on these sources and upload your demands and requirements. Then allow the bidding to start!

Once you have a compilation of the bids, choose whichever one suits your pocket. Do ensure that you pay attention to the feedback. You would not want to hire someone who is not as serious about your Gojek like app development project as you are.

The minute you sense the red signs, go with someone else! Although it is a massive project and requires all kinds of investments, it is advisable to go with a team of developers rather than just one.

Create an in-house team

If you think you have enough resources, hire a team of app developers or train your existing app developers for your Gojek like app development project.

You can rely on this team to direct your project. Also, you can leave any and every change that may arise to the team. You will have instant access to them, making communication direct and more comfortable. 

If you choose IdeaUsher, you can benefit from world-class app developers at a very economical price.

Even after the app launch, these people can look after any discrepancies that may arise or initiate the app’s updates as per the market.

The minute you have a fixed plan that you can use as the base for your Gojek like app development process, implement it using the steps mentioned above. In this growing market, competition is high. You do not want to be left behind.

A well-implemented Gojek like app can earn you plenty of profits. Take your time to review the formalities. Go with the best-in-market app developer and make sure your app gets regular updates as per the changing market trends.

If you still have any doubts about your Gojek like app development process, please contact us here at IdeaUsher. Our team of best-in-class app developers can surely guide you through the process and make your troubles go away.

I hope this blog was fun and informative for you! Don’t forget to contact us for a free consultation!

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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