Snowmatic is an exclusive application built for tracking snow melting devices. It’s easy to use design will help the users observe all their devices in one place with just one click at any time. The application’s robust features can make their systems’ management easier than ever by helping them control and track it with back-up data.

Idea Inception

The hassle of getting rid of all the snow is real. This is why our clients offer a wide range of snow melting products. Now they wanted to save their clients from the hassle of managing all the devices at once. Hence, they chose us to design a special app solution that could assist their customers in managing the devices with the utmost comfort and ease. They wanted it to be a strategic app with features never seen before.

Our response

Keeping our client’s concerns and requirements in mind, Idea Usher designed a practical app with a combination of algorithms leading to one distinct aim: helping the customers control their devices in the easiest manner. Our tech experts added a range of features to the app revolving around the concepts of IoT and Artificial Intelligence resulting in the masterpiece called Snowmatic.

App Flow

Top Features

Sign Up & Profile Creation

Snowmatic first asks its customers to sign up on the app. They can effortlessly do that by registering by their phone number. That’s it!

Configuration Of Devices

To add the devices, the app offers the users two options – They can either type in the Device Key or with the help of Wi-Fi provisioning. By opting for either of the two options, users can connect their device to the Snowmatic app successfully.

Power Monitoring

Once the device has been added, the user can easily control its functioning. Snowmatic allows them to decide the duration of the power-cycle of their device and along with that, gives them the advantage of accessing the graphical data of the usage of their device in the past few days or months.

Service Request

Upon noticing any faults or facing any issues with their snow melting devices, the user can easily file a complaint or lodge a service request by going to the service request panel of the app. They just need to add in their details, give a summary of the issue they came across, and click on the submit button!


The notification section provides the customers with time-to-updates about the app and their devices. It also includes alerts for factors like ground faults or technical complications in sensors.


By regarding all the needs and requirements of the client, Idea Usher developed a state-of-the-art, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence-based application. All the features added in the app were designed in a way to gain more traction and increasing the ROI.

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