About Work Konnect

Work-konnect is a Distributed Freelancing Network operating on Block-chain technology. Work-konnect is our collaborative vision of an entirely self-regulatory platform for finding clients/projects and ensuring jobs are completed in an efficient, fair and cost-effective way.Work-konnect is about to revolutionize the whole paradigm of customer-client interaction disrupting the outdated and standard complex framework.


How it operates?

We focus on building a trustworthy platform all stakeholders can rely on. Work-konnect does this by minimizing fees and introducing a decentralized tribunal system to guarantee every disputed case is settled fairly and that no one loses out. We operate on a token-based model in which any dispute is resolved by a team of professional reviewers, without revealing the exact identity of the freelancer or the client. In this manner, the reviewers, as well as the freelancers, can earn from our platform.



Blockchain efficiency eliminates the unnecessary overhead-bringing lower fees to customers which give it an advantage over any centralized service: 0% as compared to 10-20% on centralized platforms(losing party pays 10% dispute fee to the reviewers in case of a dispute).

Freedom of speech, work and post jobs with complete genuinely backed by Block-chain technology.

All stakeholders, freelancers, clients as well as the reviewers Get an opportunity to get rewarded through token coin system

Peer-to-peer block-chain technology helps in establishing a multi-factor identification process for minimizing fraud malpractices.

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