i-RECRUIT is a next-generation AI-controlled recruitment platform based on Block chain with an outstanding purpose to disrupt the HR industry. We strive to create new opportunities for job hunt and career development. The hiring of personnel is one of the most influential markets in the world, the volume of which is $429 billion.

Why will i-Recruit change the labor market?

The power of smart contracts
The power of i-Recruit application lies in its framework which enables improved job-search results by mapping job requirements and candidate’s skills. Moreover, its multi-level reward functionality adds to its filtering process making sure that the short-listing is done in an unbiased manner. Whenever a company hires an employee all participants in the key stages of hiring get rewards.

Advantages of i-Recruit

The ability to earn WORK tokens for recommendations, data and skills.

It is a new and straightforward way to find the job of your dream.

Companies will reduce expensive regarding filling a position up to 4 times.


Receive reward on your skills and data,
if you are attractive to companies.

Keep a resume in blockchain to prove your
qualification at any moment.

Decentralized assessment and verification of
the community affect your reputation and market value.

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