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RBT is an innovative digital fitness platform created for the people of the U.S.A. with the motive of educating people about the various beneficial workouts and diet plans, Motivating people to crush their fitness goals, And most importantly, to make the fitness journey enjoyable and fruitful.

Idea Inception

Our client Mr. Anthony Lolli was very clear about the idea and concept of the app. He himself was following an unhealthy lifestyle but then when he decided to get fit and healthy, it took him nine tries to reach his goal and get the desired body. He wanted to help people who wanted to get fit but didn’t have enough resources and expertise. This is the reason why he decided to create a fitness platform to ensure that everyone gets the best expertise and all the fitness motivation under one platform.

Our Solution

Idea Usher created a robust and intuitive all-inclusive app capable of fulfilling the fitness needs of its users completely. With the help of smart algorithms integrated into the app helps the users to find the best workout and diet plans for them. 

Various features like instant notification, reminders, in-app texting, Blogs/ Guides, etc helped the RBT app to stand out of the crowd and grow into a successful fitness venture.

App Flow

Top Features

Profile Creation

The RBT app allows its users to create their profile, select their preferences, and set short term as well as long term goals. This data helps the app to suggest users the best workout and diet plans for them. This feature also enables users to upload their transformation photos, check various fitness stats and plans.

Instant Notifications and Reminders

The notifications feature is considered one of the most important features. Without this feature, the complete benefits of an app remain unexplored. Idea Usher integrated an automatic and custom notifications system into the app that sends instant alerts to the users such as a new challenge or event is created by a fitness trainer, for new messages, water drink reminders, etc. The RBT app also allows its users to set reminders for various events.

Refer and Earn

To use the power of word of mouth marketing, Idea Usher integrated referral and reward feature in the app that awards the users for every successful sign-up by their friends or colleagues if they use a unique their referral code.

This helped RBT to attract new customers and high retention rates were also observed.

In-App texting

This feature is also considered one of the most important features of an app. Our team integrated an in-app messaging system into the app to enable the users to message each other. This messaging feature also helps the users to directly message their trainers and know more about their workout and diet plans.

Google Fit Integration

To make the app more advanced and capable of connecting with smart wearable devices, Our team incorporated the google fit integration into the app to enable the users to check various stats such as steps taken, sleep activity, etc.

Shopify Store

To increase the profits of this fitness venture for sour client Mr. Anthony Lolly, Idea Usher also integrated a Shopify store in the app to enable the users to buy merchandise, fitness supplements, fitness equipment, and much more from the app itself. 

Secure and Multiple Payment Options

To ensure secure and quick payments, unique security algorithms, and security network cryptography modules were integrated wisely into the app. And By thoroughly researching the market of the U.S.A, Idea Usher explored the most commonly used payment options used by natives. Therefore, merged various payment options in the app to provide the best payment experience to the app users.

Quick Search and Smart Filters

The smart search option integrated with the custom filters feature enables the users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. This powerful search feature allows users to find everything from fitness blogs to workout plans, diet plans, top-rated trainers, etc. all in one place.

Workout and Diet Plan

The app analyses the user’s goals as well as daily activity and suggests the best workout and diet plans for them. This feature also enables the users to customize their plans according to their needs or according to the guidelines of their Fitness trainer. Every week a new set of suggestions of workout and diet plans are provided to the users.

Chatbot Integration

To keep the customer engagement high 24/7, our team integrated a chatbot software into the app that provides customers with instant responses and helps them solve any issues being faced by them.


Idea Usher developed an all-inclusive fitness app, keeping in mind the client’s requirements and user perspective. A number of innovative and smart features were integrated into the app to make it stand out and generate good ROI.

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