Rairplay- A place for indie music lovers and creators

A music platform created for Indie artists who love sharing their music tracks with the audience. The app offers unique features like radio mode, Rairplay score, advanced music analytics, location-based music recommendation, etc.

Our Solution

To provide a better platform experience, Idea Usher suggested the client have three panels in the Rairplay app, for the audience, indie music artists, and Admin, i.e., the client. After extensive research and accumulation of the users’ pain points, we came up with a list of features to make Rairplay a one-stop music platform.

App Flow

Top Features

Audience panel

A homepage designed for the audience so they can interact with the app to access all the features for a better music experience.


Each banner is clickable, from which users can be redirected to the specific app section and web page to make sure users won’t miss any special updates and announcements.

Trending tracks

Our team has designed a unique algorithm on which all the trending tracks based on our database will be shared with the users.

Radio channel

A list of playlists that are managed by the app admin where users can enjoy the admin’s recommendations anytime.

Rairplay score

The app gives scores to each track based on reviews, ratings, and scores made by the audience for particular music tracks.

Popular artists

All the top-rated artists would be displayed on the screen based on our specific algorithm.

Nearby channels

Based on users’ location, the user can access and listen to music recommendations within the same locality, this gives an audience a better chance to support the indie artists of their city.

Advanced music player

The Rairplay contains an in-built music player where the audience can listen to music tracks and can’t skip the clicked music within 30 seconds to judge the music clearly in that short time.

Artist detail

The feature lets the audience check all the music tracks uploaded by artists and their details from this section. This feature also allows artists to stay up to date with new tracks when artists upload to the app.


An audience can create and edit their playlist anytime they want. The playlist offers a quick way to listen to all the songs they bookmarked in the app.


Audiences can find their favorite songs, channels, artists, and albums with the help of the search feature.


A section where users can access and update their details such as name, location, e-mail addresses, and preferences such as genres.

Artist panel

The music creator will use this panel to offer their music to the audience.


The section contains an overview of artists’ performances in the Rairplay app. The artist can access exact information based on their total listeners and monthly playback hours. Also, they can access their Rairplay score and entire monthly review within the app.

Music upload

The artist can effortlessly upload their music through the dashboard panel by entering music details and preferred thumbnails for that specific music.

Song listing

The feature lets artists create their albums and perform particular actions on their music tracks, such as sharing, playing, and making music public/private. Also, the artists can check the listeners’ count for each specific music.


The feature contains multiple options for advertisements where artists can decide whether their audience can listen to or watch advertisements. Also, the artists can promote their music tracks through advertisements within the same section.

My profile

Artists can check their total followers, location, and personal details, which they can update in the section.


The plan offers both free and premium options where free plans are restricted to access all the premium features such as 

  • Uploading unlimited tracks
  • Creating multiple albums per month
  • Checking the number of listeners each month

Admin panel

This panel is designed specifically for our clients, where they can control their entire app users, from music listeners to music creators.


The admin can check an overview of artists’ performances in the Rairplay app. The Admin can check the top tracks on their app based on the total number of listeners, playback hours, and rairplay score.

Create channel

The admin can create multiple channels in the app by entering the channel name, description, genre, and specific thumbnail.

Manage songs

The admin can manage the songs, albums, and channels of their registered artists in the app by taking actions such as enabling/disabling the songs and channels.

Manage users

The admin can access both the details of all the audience and artists available on the app and can manage by taking actions such as blocking/unblocking their app users.


The Admin can update their terms and conditions and enable/disable the auto-approval required during user registration.


Here the admin can send notifications to their app users by selecting between artists and the audience.


This section lets admins create and manage their banners and promos for their app. The admin can also update banners of the home screen of the audience through this section.

Tech stack we used for Rairplay

Idea Usher uses agile methodology to update their client on the ongoing process during app development.

Our team uses the following tools for app development:








Idea Usher has successfully built a platform where our client can easily manage their app users and music tracks. Having separate panels becomes fruitful for our clients and app users. Users can easily access the app and enjoy exclusive functionality like radio channels, picking up songs based on airplay scores, subscribing to their favorite artists, location-based music recommendations, etc.

Also, music creators found Rairplay the best platform to kickstart their musical journey as they can quickly check their best performing music tracks through Rairplay score to make more relevant songs to their top trending tracks.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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