Mediport is a uniquely crafted platform that connects patients with doctors in real-time. Mediport is a robust medical solution with the main aim of administering, improving all the doctor-patient services, and enabling the more effective functioning of medical care facilities. Co-founded by Mr. Saadz Zuberi and Mr. Fahad Zuberi with the idea of completely revolutionizing the medical industry of the United Arab Emirates.

Idea Inception

Our client’s requirements were very clear, they wanted a unique and powerful platform to completely transform the medical industry. They wanted an app that can provide an opportunity to the patients to get themselves treated by the top-rated doctors.

Our Response

Idea Usher’s solution to the client’s requirements was Mediport – A highly scalable digital medical solution capable of managing Patient vital data, Doctor booking details, Patient-Doctor real-time contact, and much more.

App Flow

Top Features

Search Feature

A healthcare app is always considered incomplete without a search feature. Idea Usher integrated a smart search option combined with various filters that enables its users to search about diseases, preventions, doctors, hospitals, and much more.

Book Appointments

This feature allows the patients to select a doctor of their choice from a wide list of top-rated doctors and book themselves an appointment. Patients also have access to the doctor’s availability timings and therefore can easily book an appointment, keeping in mind the available time schedule.

Video Conferencing Feature

For better diagnosis and results, Idea Usher integrated an in-app video calling feature into the Mediport app. This allows the patients to video call their respective doctors using the app itself. This ends the need for using other video calling apps and provides ease to the patients.

Custom Notification

This custom notification and reminder feature spares the patients from the trouble of remembering events such as when they have booked an appointment or when they are supposed to take pills, custom water intake reminders, and much more. There are a lot of options by which the users can completely customize their notification and enjoy the benefits of the Mediport app.

Hospital Locator

In case of an emergency, it becomes very important to locate a hospital and get the patient treated. Keeping this in mind, Idea Usher integrated a GPS system into the app which enables the users to find all the nearby hospitals. This feature also displays reviews of the hospital and the availability of Hospital doctors.


Idea Usher helped  Mr. Saadz Zuberi and Mr. Fahad Zuberi to create a digital solution that enables its users to consult with top-rated doctors without even stepping out of their houses. Our marketing team’s Growth Hacking techniques provided the required thrust to Mediport to help it stand out and generate Good Revenues.

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