How Does Instacart Work?
How Does Instacart Work? Insights into Business and Revenue.

Everyone who wishes to create the next big thing in the on-demand grocery space has only one question – “how does Instacart work?” At the beginning of the year, Instacart’s value was $7.9 billion. As online grocery shopping surged during the pandemic, this figure has increased by more than two-folds. Meanwhile, the company also raised

Build on-demand Grocery App so good that it eats your competitors for lunch

Escalate your Grocery Business with Grocery App A grocery app can help you fit a million dollars nicely in your wallet! So, think about it. Grocery apps are gold mines of loyal customers for life and explosive sales and all it takes is a few “swipes and taps “for the customer to give you new

5 Trending On-Demand Apps: Why it is the right time to invest in one of these apps?

  COVID-19 Impact: Rise in the On-Demand apps during the lockdown. The coronavirus surge has walloped the world’s economy. With a general drawback, the income figures are very disappointing. It has caused destruction that has, in the long run, prompted extraordinary results at a worldwide level.  Everyone is getting eager with the sudden change and

What type of mobile apps have become popular due to coronavirus?

Home alone Even if you have not been following the news, chances are you have still heard or read about the novel coronavirus outbreak by now. The pandemic has severely disrupted lives across the world. In less than four months since it originated, more than a million people have been affected, and 50,000 lives lost

How to deal with the current situation with the help of On-Demand Apps?

On-Demand Apps to the rescue The current COVID-19 spread has shown the world its unrelenting results. If we talk about its ill effects on businesses, we have a disturbing report in our hands. To avoid the unexpected infection of coronaviruses people find themselves in quarantine, the revenue of many companies is at stake. In these

Fresh fruits delivered right to your home courtesy of a grocery delivery app
Grocery delivery app: A necessity during COVID-19 outbreak

Cleanup on Aisle 1 The global coronavirus outbreak has presented a tough scenario for almost every major industry. And all of them are expected to lose millions in earnings. However, the on-demand grocery delivery industry is experiencing an astronomical growth during this period. This is unsurprising, given how governments are urging people to stay indoors

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