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TGF is an innovative app that offers a one-stop solution for all the food and grocery delivery services for the people of Singapore. The app has two parts i.e. the food delivery and the grocery delivery. The user can order food from the restaurant or can reserve a dine-in using the app. Moreover, along with ordering food, the user can order groceries from the restaurant, and the payments can be made online via multiple payment options for a hassle-free experience.

Idea Origination

Although there are many food ordering and delivery apps available, people still have to use different apps to order food and groceries. Therefore, our client wanted a robust platform that allows its users to order delicious food as well as groceries from the TGF restaurant. He wanted an all in one app that can provide ease of ordering food and groceries from a single app to users and also increase the ROI exponentially.

Our solution

In order to fulfill the Client’s requirements, Idea Usher developed a secure admin panel for the client, a kitchen and inventory management system, a user app with a simplistic  interface. The admin panel proved to be highly beneficial for the client and user interface was also loved by users for its simple but powerful features.


This innovative app, with its user interface, provides the users to order food and groceries easily from a wide variety of customized menus. Secondly, the admin panel has the full authority to make and edit the supermarket and food menu, which would be reflected in the app. The last is the store and kitchen manager, who can change the status of the delivery and accept orders and can change the status of the orders.

App Flow

By understanding the needs of growing Food & Grocery delivery to the users, TGF guarantees fast and safe delivery of delicious food and fresh groceries to its users.

Top Features

Search Feature

The app proves to be useful only if it provides an excellent user interface. Therefore, to upgrade the user interface of the app, Idea Usher integrated a smart search automated feature. This feature helps the users to browse the food or grocery items they need, instead of browsing through the entire menu of the restaurant. This feature saves the time of the users and enhances the overall app experience.

Checking the profile of the restaurant

The user can quickly check the profile of the restaurant they are ordering food or groceries from. This feature helps users know the location, the quality of the products being sold, the pricing, or the reviews of the restaurant.

Push notifications

To stay ahead of competitors, sending push notifications to the users is an essential feature. Therefore, Idea Usher integrated the function in the TGF app. This notification feature helps the users to stay updated about their orders, discounts, policy changes, and much more.

Discount, rewards and cashback programs

To attract more and more customers to order food and groceries through the app, our team integrated various discount and cashback programs to use the word of mouth marketing strategy effectively and this resulted in expansion of customer base and increased profits.

Real-time tracking of food delivery

One of the essential features of the food delivery app is the real-time tracking of the order. Therefore, Idea Usher integrated an advanced and robust algorithm to enable customers to track the progress of their orders remotely.

Reviews and ratings

Our team integrated a rating and reviews feature into the app, which enables the customers to submit feedback on the services delivered to them. This feature also validates the services provided by the professionals.

This whole system helped TGF to generate trust among its customer base and increase brand awareness.


The creative idea of our client of delivering groceries and prepared food all in one place, combined with a variety of features, app support, and techniques for the exponential growth of the app offered by Idea Usher, helped TGF to gain popularity and become the best out of the rest. Idea Usher also helped TGF to expand its customer base and generate heavy returns on investment

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