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Jaba App is a powerful and secure digital payment solution designed and created for the people of Finland. This innovative app provides various solutions to cater to the user’s banking needs. Jaba App was Jaba App was created to bring an umbrella of every banking solution under one platform. 

Idea Inception

Our clients noticed a lot of problems and issues in the prevailing banking systems and wanted to redefine it completely. They had data based on self-observation and findings which revealed 65% of customers used credit/debit cards to avoid the hassle of online payments and about 80% of people paid using cash to prevent data theft. 


They also had in mind the issues that were being faced by on-demand delivery businesses, delivery boys, and vendors while accepting payments from their customers. The EFTPOS machines used by vendors to accept card payments were costing them more than $40/month.


Considering all these drawbacks, our clients decided to develop a mobile app that can replace the EFTPOS machines and also provide a powerful, secure, and all-inclusive app for users to make their digital payment experience hassle-free.

Our solution

An app that provides seamless digital payments experience. An app that can accept credit/debit card payments and enables the users to make and receive payments using a secure network algorithm to prevent a security breach.

App Flow

By understanding the needs of growing Food & Grocery delivery to the users, TGF guarantees fast and safe delivery of delicious food and fresh groceries to its users.

Top Features

Scan And Pay

Idea usher integrated a Qr code scanner feature into the app to enable its users to make quick payments without any hassle. The users can use this instant pay option by scanning the QR code of the user to whom they want to send money and just tap send. This innovative feature makes it very easy for users to send and receive money.

Bank to Bank Money Transfer

To make Jaba Pay stand out, our team added a special feature of the bank to bank money transfer that allows users to pay and receive payments directly using their bank accounts. This provides users with multiple options for sending and receiving money.

Instant Bill Payments

A smart feature that allows Jaba Pay users to pay their bills online. Instant bill payments feature can be used for paying electricity bills, phone& mobile bills, gas bills, DTH recharge, Loans, rents, and much more.

Referral and Rewards

To use the power of word of mouth marketing, Idea Usher integrated referral and reward feature in the app that awards the users for every first successful payment by their friends or colleagues if they use a unique their referral code. This helped Jaba Pay to attract new customers and high retention rates were also observed.

Secure Payments

To ensure secure and quick payments, unique security algorithms and security network cryptography modules were integrated wisely into the Jaba Pay app.

Chatbot Integration

To keep the customer engagement high 24/7, our team integrated a chatbot software into the app that provides customers with instant responses and helps them solve any issues being faced by them.


Idea Usher developed an all-inclusive payments app, keeping in mind the client’s requirements and user perspective. A number of innovative and smart features were integrated into the app to make it stand out and generate good ROI.

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