Hubear is an innovative and robust digital sports platform creatively crafted for the people of the U.S.A. This app enables its users to create or join nearby sports events and connect with sports enthusiasts with similar interests. This app has various features that make it stand out of the crowd such as event creation and friend connections.

Idea Origination

Our client was very clear about the concept of the app. He wanted a platform capable of connecting sports enthusiasts with similar sporting or fitness interests and goals. After a certain age, it becomes very difficult to find people with common sporting interests. Our Client was well aware of this fact and wanted an app that can provide people with new and regular sports opportunities and also ensure that no one misses out playing the sport of their choice.

Our Response

Keeping all the requirements of the client in mind, Idea Usher designed a powerful app that enables its users to search, create and join sports events, have smooth communication, better coordination with the team members, track events in real-time and chat with people having similar sporting interests and goals.

App Flow

Top Features

Search and Visibility

The smart search option integrated with the custom filters feature enables the users to search and join sports events of their choice. If a user wants to create an event then they can do so by tapping on the create event tab and also increase its visibility by using pre-installed various sporting/fitness/health tags.

Better Linkups

Everyone wants to play with people with similar sporting interests and the right skills level. Idea Usher integrated a feature that allows users to choose their favourite sports activities. Once the details are filled, the app displays relevant events listings to the users. The players can also add basic information such as their skills and city to be better matched with others.

Add Friends

Some sporting bonds go beyond the field. They can translate into new friendships. Our team added the feature which allows the users to add friends so that the user can choose to keep in touch with their teammates. This also allows them to find reliable participants for future events.

In-app Messaging

After finding the sporting event of choice, it becomes necessary to coordinate between all the interested members. An inbuilt personal or group chat feature is included in the app for the players to communicate with each other. Various fun and sports emoticons are also installed in the in-app messaging system to make chatting with friends and team members more enjoyable.

Instant Notifications

The notifications feature is considered one of the most important features. Without this feature, the complete benefits of an app remain unexplored. Idea Usher integrated an automatic and custom notifications system into the app that sends instant alerts to the users whenever a new event of their specified interest is created or someone joins their event and much more. The custom notifications feature can send a notification to the users for the reminders set by them and spare the users from the hassle remembering various details.


Idea Usher developed an all-inclusive sporting social app, keeping in mind the client’s requirements and user perspective. The innovative features, regular app support, powerful growth hacks, and the visionary idea helped Hubear to stand out, gain immense popularity, increase customer base, and generate huge ROI.

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