I Have an App Idea, What’s Next?
I Have an App Idea, What’s Next?

Has this ever happened to you? That you’re just casually sitting around, and a random idea pops up in your head? It could be a plan for a weekend getaway or perhaps a new way of cooking your favorite dish. But sometimes, it’s a lot more than just trivial thoughts. During those once in a

how to make an app
How Many People Does it Take to Create a Successful Mobile Application?

Apps are easily one of the most convenient digital tools we have on our devices. From managing money to studies to tracking one’s water intake. Applications are capable of doing it all. So how did these applications become such a big part of our lives? Do we know how to make an app? More importantly,

best book reading app
Best Book Reading App For 2021- Detailed Comparison

The pandemic has significantly increased the importance of e-readers. So in 2021, which is the best book reading app for you?

Top 5 Facebook Alternatives Offering Data Protection

Looking for a new app like Facebook? We got your back! We all know how Facebook has been in the news for violating the privacy policies of its users. In 2019, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that Facebook would have to pay a record $5 billion fine to settle the privacy and data

How does WhatsApp make money?

The revenue model for WhatsApp is crazy. When we are talking about being crazy, it is crazy.  Whatsapp is one of the leading OTT messaging services. According to a personalized report, the type of users has been accounted for from India and all European countries to 67%.  But there is always a prominent question that

Check Out These Best Businesses To Start In 2021!

While the year 2020 gave a big shock to many flourishing companies and drastically brought down the world’s GDP, there are a few who managed to make it through. The new year 2021 is all about making a fresh start, whether in life or business. Last year taught many legendary business minds that no pandemic

OfferUp vs Letgo – Let’s Compare in 2021

Today, everyone who wishes to shop economically opts for a local consumer-to-consumer e-commerce application. As a result, the OfferUp vs Letgo debate is a hot topic. Both these companies have a lot in common as they are both secondhand and C2C marketplaces. This article will discuss everything you need to know about OfferUp and Letgo

Disney Plus vs Netflix - What’s Best For You in 2021?
Disney Plus vs Netflix – What Should You Choose in 2021?

Disney Plus vs Netflix – COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the global OTT business and caused a radical change in the way people use these platforms. As all the malls, theatres, and entertainment options were shut down, people had no choice but to switch to OTT platforms.  As per Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index Report, the global

Develop a Super App
Super App Development For Mobile-First Products like We-Chat, PayTm, Gojek

Super Apps future and explosive business growth opportunities Super apps like We-Chat, PayTm, and AliPay took the Asian market by storm. These apps are like a simple app to users. These are all in one app where you do everything- from buying groceries to ride-booking like Uber. Social media, e-commerce, and OTT services are usually

How Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is leading the fight against coronavirus

A whole new world The global coronavirus outbreak has changed all our lives greatly. As of April 6th, COVID-19 has infected around 1.35 million people across the globe, claiming the lives of 74,683 people. This has created a sense of panic and fear among us all. Governments have put cities under lockdown and urged people

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