Assist is an innovative app that offers a one-stop solution for all home servicing needs to the people in London. Co-founded by two visionary entrepreneurs Mr. Olu and Mr. Amr, the app connects service seekers with the services providers via few clicks and taps. Idea Usher built a robust and all-inclusive app for them. We also helped them to grow their market presence, increase their customer base and our Experienced team of growth hackers helped them to increase their revenues exponentially.

Idea Inception

Our client wanted a single but powerful platform for both home services job providers and job seekers. A platform that can help new as well as expert job seekers to get more work opportunities and enable the customers to find the right handyman for their job.

Our Response

Idea Usher’s response to the client’s requirements was Assist – A powerful, all-inclusive one-stop solution for all the Home Servicing needs. Our team integrated various smart and robust algorithms into the app to make it more secure and reliable. Various features like in-app navigation, ratings and reviews, service tracking, multiple payment options, etc were integrated into the app to make it stand out of the crowd.

App Flow

Their Idea fueled by our Passion created a product that transformed the home services industry completely.

Top Features

In-App Navigation

To enable the home service professional to reach customer location on time without any hassle, Idea Usher integrated in-app navigation system into the app. This system provides the professional with optimised routes, Traffic notifications and also helps the customers to know the exact real-time location of the professional.

Rating and Reviews

Idea Usher’s team integrated a rating and reviews feature into the app which enables the customers to submit feedback of the services delivered to them. This feature also validates the services provided by the professionals.

This whole system helped Assist to generate trust among its customer base and increased the brand awareness.

Customer Retention

To make Assist a more engaging platform and enhance the customer experience, we initiated a customer retention program which gifts the customers with loyalty cards on every payment they make. These loyalty cards can be used as special discount coupons while making the next payments by the customers.

Service Tracking

We added a very robust and advance management algorithm to enable the customers to track the progress of their ordered services remotely.

Multiple Payment Options

Idea Usher thoroughly researched London’s marketplace and analysed the most commonly used payment methods and integrated multiple payment options into the app to provide the best experience to Assist customers.

The unique feature that makes Assist stand out of the Crowd

Vendor Selection

Assist offers two flexible ways to select a home service professional. Users can either select the automatic selection mode which selects the most compatible and highly-rated professional for your job or the Users can opt for manual selection and browse all the available professionals in the app and select the best suited professional for the job by self-analysing his ratings and reviews.


  • Trust generation
  • Efficient and timely services
  • Comprehensive Marketplace
  • Robust Algorithms
  • Real-time support and tracking


This is how Idea Usher helped Assist to power their business and become successful over time.

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